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I am getting "reamed" at Stanford University in the Infectious Diseases Dept. This book is really excellent for me, since it articulates what I am going through.
I am attempting to get research I
did 3 years ago, published. The most recent happenings are this--a year ago, my boss told me I sent him a version of the article I had written, but I had not. I had not sent him anything for 7 weeks prior, but he would not investigate it. Instead, he maintained that "I sent him a version of the article." Next, he and another professor (in psychiatry) decided to rewrite the article without telling me. When they finally did tell me, my boss had made the psychiatry professor lead author on the article, giving him all the power. Since these two know very little about the subject matter, the article was full of error, and rejected by 2 journals. Of course, now they are saying that is my fault.
I will solve this problem, since I have an intellectual property attorney. I am telling this story because it aligns with the book. I thank the author, publisher, and others connected with the book for publishing it and writing so clearly about this subject.

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