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This book is easy to relate to, witty, comedic and loaded with titbits of the publishing world – a great recipe for a bookworm.
In fact I enjoyed the book magnanimously - I did not put it down. The
narrative is light and easy to relate to. I had issues with some of Alice’s decisions and behaviour at times, and at others, quietly whispering ‘YES!’ However, I got the distinct impression that a bitter old lady was at the keyboard trying to make her point that getting old was not a bad thing… and it rubbed me against the grain. The whole way, the protagonist, Alice, came about her decision to portray a younger version of herself felt unjustified and wishy-washy. It continued for a great length in the book.
You do get some of the hilarious moments that had me clutching my sides, and I would have liked to read more of those scenes other than Alice lamenting over her age. Either that, or give her a bit more substance and drive, increase the stakes in her endeavour to conceal her age and keep her job… just sayin.’ That would have detracted from the feeling I got of Alice ‘playing pretend’ and have much to lose.
There was some character stereotyping that annoyed the hell out of me – and the ending, although satisfying, it did little to challenge those preconceived personality types… which is kinda the point of the story right? (Don’t worry, I’m not spoiling you). Speaking of the ending: the last quarter of the book picks up the pace (especially the last five chapters) and was compelling.
Overall, a great book, could have been thought out better, but something I’ll definitely recommend to my friends. Also a great companion to the tv series that has finished its first season (and optioned for a second). It falls under the easy summer read category, fun but not to be taken too seriously.

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