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Page 219 - d-" — Luke 11 : 14. the term "d-" — Luke 11; 14. refers to a wicked man as the d- : one of you is ad-?" — John 6 : 70. if d- is an individuality, if ... there is more than one d-. indicating . . . more than one d- ; existence of one personal d-. our text refers to the d...
Page 131 - Christ . . . died for me, Tlud. 9- 3 not a C-, in the highest sense, Peo. 2-16 make a C- only in theory, My. 151- 6 I know that no C- can or 160- 1 The C-, . . . strives for the spiritual ; 160-30 the C- has no part in it. 228- 9 how one can be a C- and yet Christian (adj.) basis Man. 80- 2 on a strictly C- basIs, brotherhood My. 339- 3 bonds of C- brotherhood, canon My.
Page 247 - It is my d- to take some time the whole d- of man. d- done and life perfected, d- and ability of Christians to heal Is it a d- for any one to believe that Then it is a higher d- to know that * Is it not therefore the d- of * it was my pleasant d- to preside at * Mrs. Eddy, feels it her d- to * her d-, to go into new fields * satisfied that her d- was * Mecca of their love and d-.
Page 298 - The e- city is now in ruins. bring out the e- hues of God. * for this e- donation to be * e- amount required to complete Throughout my e- connection with * representative of the e- body of the * from over the e- world.
Page 227 - No. 31- 1 you cannot eradicate d- if you every case of Mis. 44-10 heal in every case of d-, evidence for No. 6-19 as ... real as the evidence for d- ; evidence of No.
Page 247 - ... been done rule to follow the road of d-, must not deter us from doing our d-, includes the whole d- of man : d- of the CS Board of Directors d- of the CS Board of Directors d- of the CS Board of Directors d- of any member of this Church. d- of the First Readers to conduct the d- of every member of The d- of every member of this Church Alertness to D-. d- of every member of this Church nor to neglect his d- to God, privilege and d- of every member, shall be the d- of the Directors d- of the members...

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