The Storage of Electrical Energy: And Researches in the Effects Created by Currents Combining Quantity with High Tension

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Whittaker, 1887 - Electric currents - 268 pages
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Page 248 - ... pleraeque magis sunt lusus naturae quam seriae alicujus utilitatis versus scientias. Faciunt certe hujusmodi res ad delectationem, atque etiam quandoque ad praxin; verum ad introspiciendam naturam parum aut nihil. Itaque convertenda plane est opera ad inquirendas et notandas rerum similitudines et analoga, tarn in integralibus quam partibus. Illae enim sunt quae naturam uniunt, et constituere scientias incipiunt.
Page 14 - Lead covered with peroxide of lead, in water acidulated by sulphuric acid, acts in fact in a manner exactly the reverse to that of zinc in the same liquid. It tends to decompose the water, by absorbing hydrogen, and to become the positive pole of a cell, Query by Translator.— Stannous Sulphate.
Page 126 - Jets of vapour and luminous stre-ks produced by an electric cunent o( high tension on meeting with a moist surface. example of the reciprocal substitution of heat and mechanical work resulting from the electric shock. When the work represented by the violent projection of the liquid appears, there is neither heat nor vapour developed, and when no visible work is accomplished, when the liquid is not projected, heat is engendered and vapour disengaged. M. Planté sums up the results of these experiments...
Page 200 - ... envelope, and the source of the light and heat of the sun. Where the clouds of the photosphere are rent, says the old theory, the dark body of the sun is seen in the spots which so frequently appear. To this complex constitution must be added a third envelope, formed of the accumulation of roseate clouds. Now, I fear that the greater part of these envelopes are only fictions; that the sun is a body luminous simply because of its high temperature, and covered by an unbroken layer of roseate matter,...
Page 256 - ... a movement of ponderable matter — a movement of transport given to a very small mass of matter, impelled to an extreme velocity, when there is...
Page 124 - ... by the immersion of the positive wire, instead of a single globule, a shower of innumerable ovoid globules, which succeed each other with excessive rapidity, and are projected to more than a metre distance from the vessel in which the experiment is made. The spark produced at the same time at the surface of the liquid presents the form of a corona or aureole of many points, from which burst forth the aqueous globules (Fig. 6). The metallic property of the electrode is not...
Page 37 - The terminals of the two lead plates are connected by means of the binding screws G and H, at the same time, with a primary...

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