The Modern Part of an Universal History: From the Earliest Account of Time. Compiled from Original Writers. By the Authors of The Antient Part

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S. Richardson, T. Osborne, C. Hitch, A. Millar, John Rivington, S. Crowder, P. Davey and B. Law, T. Longman, and C. Ware, 1762

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Page 102 - Without purfuing the blow, he returned to Poland, recruited his army, and being reinforced by a body of auxiliaries from Hungary and Lithuania...
Page 98 - ... after having adopted Lechus duke of Cujavia, and procured a confirmation of his choice by the free election of the people.
Page 92 - I am not surprised,' said he, ' at the gentleman's conduct ; for not having it in' his power to revenge himself on fortune, no wonder lie should attack her favourite in me.
Page 13 - They feld9m examine the fubjeft of debate ; but remit it wholly to the judgment of their reprefentative. Every palatinate has three reprefentatives : the bufinefs devolves on one, who is elected for his ability and experience ; and the other two are added only to give weight to this leading member, and do honour by their magnificent appearance to the palatinate they reprefent. As thefe deputies, fince the reign of Cafimir III. have feats in, the diet, it naturally divides the general aflembly into...
Page 92 - Ruflia, which he effected rather by the reputation of his wifdom and generofity than by force of arms. Thofe barbarians voluntarily fubmitted to a prince fo famed for his benevolence, juftice, and humanity. Soon after his return he died at Cracow, lamented as the...
Page 349 - Shall we call that revolution legitimate which springs from fear of being hewn down by the troops of armed foreigners, who surround us and insult the dignity of the republic with their presence?
Page 12 - Jt is remarkable, that the diet never fits more than fix weeks in the moft critical conjunctures and preffing emergencies : they have been known to break up in the middle of an important debate, and to leave the bufinefs to a future meeting.
Page 118 - Turks promifed to relinquifh their defigns upon Hungary, to acknowledge the king's right to that crown, and to give up all their conquefts in Rafcia and Servia.
Page 158 - He gave them oilicers of all degrees, eftablifhed difcipline among them, altered their arms, and formed them into a regular militia, which afterwards performed eminent fervices to Poland.
Page 10 - Diet ; that he fhall al" ways adminifter Juftice by the Advice of his Senators ; that " he fhall be content with the Revenue of his Predeceflbrs ; '* that no Strangers be introduced into his Councils, and that "* he fhall beftow no Offices or Dignities upon them ; that ** he fhall not diminifh any of the Offices at his...

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