Some Essentials in the Teaching of Music: For the Consideration of Music-teachers, Music-students and Parents

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G. Schirmer, 1916 - Music - 101 pages
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Page 16 - ... which is M. Comte's definition of ' the most simple phenomena.' Does it not indeed follow from the familiarly admitted fact, that mental advance is from the concrete to the abstract, from the particular to the general...
Page 60 - The development of medicine from an empiric art to an exact science is one of the most important and also one of the most interesting chapters in the history of civilisation.
Page 3 - Amateur theatricals—Bibliography 17-16178/4 Damrosch, Frank. Some essentials in the teaching of music. NYSchirmer,1916. lOlp. $1.25 net. "This little book was written in the hope of giving helpful aid to those who aim to become true teachers, and, as the text has been kept as free as possible from technical terms, it may also prove of service to parents.
Page 15 - To hear or read that an island is a body of land entirely surrounded by water...
Page 82 - Great art must spring from noble impulses and must be given expression in a noble form, that is, with sincerity, beauty and spirituality.
Page 79 - It must be the teacher's duty to strip the pupil's mind and soul of artificiality, insincerity and affectation.
Page 82 - ... their best work sprang not from the weak but from the strong elements of their character, and of these their art-work gives ample evidence.
Page 33 - It is only when a series of musical sounds is grouped in rhythmical units and these groups are brought into intelligent harmonic relation to each other, that we are able to recognize an intelligible musical thought.
Page 13 - Apprehen. , -ii sion ot or eye; ie, sound-waves strike the tympanum music of the ear, or light-waves, reflecting the symbols of musical sounds, strike the retina of the eye.

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