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"American Apartheid" is a well-written and well-researched book. The authors researched the many factors that forced different groups of people into their ghettos -- all except one very important reason. People generally prefer to live with people like themselves. Montgomery County in Maryland includes the largest middle class African American neighborhoods in the country. These areas are populated largely by well paid federal government workers who can afford to live in any of the middle class enclaves that ring DC. A poll was taken by the Washington Post about 15 years ago, asking the respondents their reasons for living in these seemingly apartheid neighborhoods. The main reason cited was simply that people feel more comfortable living with other people just like them.
The authors should have included a chapter investigating this phenomenon.

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Very insightful. It looked behind the visible to document an aspect of social life in America that many people are afraid to know about their society. It is not the most palatable stuff you'll want to read about, but you must if you want to understand modern race relations in the USA.

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