Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery

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iUniverse, 2009 - Religion - 388 pages
The attacks of September 11, 2001, changed the way the world looks at Islam. And rightfully so, according to M.A. Khan, a former Muslim who left the religion after realizing that it is based on forced conversion, imperialism, and slavery: the primary demands of Jihad, commanded by the Islamic God Allah.

In this groundbreaking book, Khan demonstrates that Prophet Muhammad meticulously followed these misguided principles and established the ideal template of Islamic Jihad for his future followers to pursue, and that Muslims have been perpetuating the cardinal principles of Jihad ever since.

Find out the true nature of Islam, particularly its doctrine of Jihad, and what it means to the modern world, and also learn about

  • The core tenets of Islam and its history
  • The propagation of Islam by force and other means
  • Islamic propaganda
  • Arab-Islamic imperialism
  • Islamic slavery and slave-trade
  • And much more!

The commands of Allah are perpetual in nature, so are the actions of Prophet Muhammad. Jihad has been the way to win converts to Islam since its birth fourteen centuries ago, and it won't change anytime soon. Find out why in Islamic Jihad.


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Poorly written and poorly sourced. The author seems to have a very limited understanding of the religion of Islam, and attributes virtually *every* negative action taken by a Muslim power to Islam. He attributes complex geo-political decisions to 'Islam' - a word that that to M.A. Khan appears to mean 'anything bad that brown people do."
Perhaps most damning is that the author uses *fake citations* to portray his arguments as having some kind of factual basis.

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Each and everything is explained very well.. with proper references. This is how islam has become the fastest growing religion.. by brutalities .. rapes .. beheadings .. of innocent people.. those who denied to convert .. they were forced to pay Jazia tax or were killed. Shameful Era .. of the world ..  

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