Bradshaw's Railway Manual, Shareholder's Guide, and Official Directory

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W.J. Adams, 1905 - Railroads
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Page 571 - Two and a Half per Cent. Consolidated Stock) : Consolidated Three Pounds per Cent. Annuities : Reduced Three Pounds per Cent. Annuities : Two Pounds Fifteen Shillings per Cent. Annuities : Two Pounds Ten Shillings per Cent.
Page 489 - ... and (c), the right to construct a line from the Northern Coast parallel to the existing section. This Contract contained no reference to the External Debt. 1902. — The Syndicate, notwithstanding its failure to carry out the conditions of the above Contract, obtained an extension of time of one year from the Government, viz., to 26th May, 1903.
Page 571 - ... stocks of railways in Great Britain or Ireland having for ten years next before the date of investment paid a dividend on ordinary stock or shares : Nominal debentures or nominal debenture stock under the Local Loans Act, 1875, provided in each case that such...
Page 514 - Bonds (in round figures ,725,000) within six months from the date of ratification of the Contract by Congress. The Company might, however, leave outstanding ,60,000 of the Bonds if they could not make delivery of the whole of them, but on these they were to pay on their own account the same interest (6 per cent.) and amortisation (2 per cent.) as the Government was under obligation to do.
Page 571 - Half per Cent. Stock : India Three per Cent. Stock : Indian guaranteed railway stocks or shares, provided in each case that such stocks or shares shall not be liable to be redeemed within a period of fifteen years from the date of investment : Stocks of Colonial Governments guaranteed by the Imperial Government : Mortgage of freehold and copyhold estates respectively in England and Wales : Metropolitan Consolidated Stock, Three Pounds Ten Shillings per Cent. : Three per Cent. Metropolitan Consolidated...
Page 515 - Council acting in conjunction with the Committee of 1889 Bondholders and the Central American Public Works Company for the transfer to the Salvador Railway Company of the Railways and Concessions held by the Works Company, including the subsidy payable under the Contract of 8th February, 1899, on such terms as might be agreed between the Works Company and the Railway Company. The Railway Company to issue : — 1. Prior...
Page 571 - Act, shall include reasonable facilities for the junction of private sidings or private branch railways with any railway belonging to or worked by any such company; and reasonable facilities for receiving, forwarding, and delivering traffic upon and from those sidings or private branch railways.
Page 571 - Cash under the control of or subject to the order of the Court may be invested in the following stocks, funds:, or securities, namely : Two and Three-quarters per cent.
Page 237 - Incorporated by act of 29th July, 1864, to construct a series of lines to complete an inner circle of railway north of the Thames, extending from Kensington, by Westminster Bridge and the north bank of the Thames, to Tower НШ.
Page 571 - Commissioners, who shall have the like jurisdiction to hear and determine the subject-matter of such complaint as they have to hear and determine a complaint of a contravention of section two of the Railway and Canal Traffic Act, 1854, as amended by subsequent acts.

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