A Treatise on pharmacy for students and pharmacists

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Lea Brothers & Company, 1906 - 834 pages
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Page 70 - ... the ratio of the ovendry weight of a sample to the weight of a volume of water equal to the volume of the sample at some specific moisture content, as green, air-dry, or ovendry.
Page 439 - Glycerin, or if a miscible liquid, with a little Water, and add sufficient Glycerin to make the weight of the mixture one-half that of the finished mass. Then thoroughly incorporate it with an equal weight of melted Glycerinated Gelatin, and pour it at once into suitable moulds which have been greased with a small quantity of petrolatum.
Page 138 - The powdered substance to be percolated (which must be uniformly of the fineness directed in the formula, and should be perfectly air-dry before it is weighed) is put into a basin, the specified quantity of menstruum is poured on, and the powder thoroughly stirred with a spatula, or other suitable instrument, until it appears uniformly moistened.
Page 138 - Pharmacopoeia should be nearly cylindrical, or slightly conical, with a funnel-shaped termination at the smaller end. The neck of this funnel-end should be rather short, and should gradually and regularly become narrower toward the orifice, so that a perforated cork, bearing a short glass tube, may be tightly wedged into it from within until the end of the cork is flush with its outer edge.
Page 140 - ... throughout the text is understood to mean a rate of flow corresponding to this ; it is evident that the proper rate of flow should vary with the quantity and character of the drug employed and the density of the menstruum. Maceration. — Percolation is not suitable for exhausting some drugs, and the process of maceration is employed for some of the tinctures (Aloes, Asafetida, Sweet Orange Peel, Tolu, etc.).
Page 733 - ... beaker. Then wash this cloth with 80 mils of alcohol containing 1 mil of ammonia water and pour the washings into the chloroform solution in the beaker. Stir the mixture gently and allow it to stand until the rubber has separated into a compact mass. Dry the cloth upon which the plaster was spread, weigh it and subtract its weight from the original weight of the plaster. Pour the chloroform-alcohol solution into a...
Page 754 - ... minutes, and return the whole to the filter. When the liquid has drained off, wash the residue, as before, until the second filtrate measures 150 cc, and finally collect about 20 cc more of a third filtrate. Evaporate...
Page 143 - Squibb, who was the author of the process, defined it to l>e " the successive application of the same percolating menstruum to fresh portions of the substance to be percolated.
Page 55 - Archimedes' principle, that a body immersed in water is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the water displaced by the body.
Page 755 - Repeat this operation with another portion of 10 cc of ether. Then pour into the filter the liquid in the flask, in portions, in such a way as to transfer the greater portion of the crystals to the filter, and, when this has passed through, transfer the remaining crystals to the filter by washing the flask with several portions of water, using not more than about 10 cc in all.

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