Indo-Iranian Series, Volume 9

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Abraham Valentine Williams Jackson
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Page xxi - JAOS Journal of the American Oriental Society JASB Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal JBBRAS Journal of the Bombay Branch...
Page 364 - The Nyaishes, or Zoroastrian Litanies. Avestan text with the Pahlavi, Sanskrit, Persian, and Gujarati versions, edited together and translated with notes. (Khordah Avesta, Part 1.) By MANECKJI NUSSERVANJI DHALLA, AM, Ph.D.
Page 365 - The Sanskrit poems of Mayura edited with a translation and notes and an introduction together with the text and translation of Bana's Candlsataka by George Payn Quackenbos . . . xxii, 362.
Page 364 - The Pahlavi text, here edited and translated for the first time, is the result of a collation of seventeen manuscripts and forms an addition to the existing fund of Pahlavi literature. The introduction gives an account of the MS. material and discusses the relation of the various versions, their characteristics, and their value.
Page 72 - -Sportiveness (Ilia) is the imitation of a lover in the actions of a fair-limbed maiden." 4 One, possibly two consonants must come between the a and the u; the syllable containing the a must be heavy, and six syllables must be supplied after the u. 5 One syllable is missing. • Betel was as much an adjunct of love-making among the ancient Hindus as candy and confections are to-day. Usually it was brought by the man to the girl, but here the girl appears to be carrying it as a gift to her lover;...
Page 65 - R2662t.B46j2 •——Catalogue of printed books and manuscripts in Sanskrit belonging to the Oriental library of the Asiatic society of Bengal, compiled by Junja Vihari Hyayabnusana, under the supervision of Mahamahopadhyaya Haraprasad Shastri.
Page 27 - ... was left clinging to the end of the palanquin. While the sixth stanza was being recited, the sun-god appeared in visible form, and owing to his favour, Bana at once acquired a body of the colour of pure gold.5 On a subsequent day he came with his body anointed with golden sandal-wood and clothed in a magnificent white garment. When the king saw the healthy condition of his body, Mayura represented that it was all due to the favour of the sun-god. Then Bana pierced him in a vital spot with an...
Page 38 - a .bunch of red lotuses set in a pure vessel of ruby and tinged like his own heart, with the some hue".
Page 364 - ... translated from the Sanskrit, with the text and an introduction and notes, by GEORGE CO HAAS, AM, Ph.D., sometime Fellow in Indo-Iranian Languages in Columbia University. New York, 1912. Cloth, 8vo, pp.
Page 363 - A brief statement of the phonetic developments undergone by the principal IndoIranian languages from the Sanskrit, Avestan, and Old Persian through the Pali, the Prakrits, and Pahlavi down to the Hindi, Singhalese, New Persian, Afghan, and other Indo-Iranian dialects.

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