Report of the Proceedings of the ... Annual Meeting of the Missouri Bar Association, Volume 34

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The Association, 1916 - Bar associations
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Papers and addresses of the 14th-15th meetings, 1894-95, were published in Proceedings of the meeting for 1898 which was called the 16th, as no meetings were held in 1896 and 1897; this system of numbering was continued through the [47th] 1929. The Report for 1930, however, is numbered 50th annniversary (instead of 48th meeting) and subsequent reports follow the new numbering.

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Page 209 - ... the lawyer's appearance for others in cases likely to arise out of the transaction, and in which there is a reasonable expectation...
Page 211 - When a lawyer is a witness for his client, except as to merely formal matters, such as the attestation or custody of an instrument and the like, he should leave the trial of the case to other counsel. Except when essential to the ends of justice, a lawyer should avoid testifying in Court in behalf of his client.
Page 129 - ... proceedings may at any time- after appearance. and before delivering any pleadings or taking any other steps in the proceedings, apply to...
Page 210 - Controversies with clients concerning compensation are to be avoided by the lawyer so far as shall be compatible with his self-respect and with his right to receive reasonable recompense for his services ; and lawsuits with clients should be resorted to only to prevent injustice, imposition or fraud.
Page 150 - For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be ; Saw the heavens fill with commerce, argosies of magic sails, Pilots of the purple twilight, dropping down with costly bales ; Heard the heavens fill with shouting, and there rained a ghastly dew From the nations...
Page 150 - Yet I doubt not through the ages one increasing purpose runs, And the thoughts of men are widened with the process of the suns.
Page 163 - ... to regulate and prescribe by rule the forms for and the kind and character of the entire pleading, practice, and procedure- to be used in all actions, motions, and proceedings at law of whatever nature by the district courts of the United States and the courts of the District of Columbia.
Page 16 - All Standing Committees shall meet on the day preceding each Annual Meeting, at the place where the same is to be held, at such hour as the respective chairmen shall designate.
Page 129 - If, on such a reference, one party fails to appoint an arbitrator, either originally or by way of substitution as aforesaid, for seven clear days after the other party, having appointed his arbitrator, has served the party making default with notice to make the appointment, the party who has appointed an arbitrator may appoint that arbitrator to act as sole arbitrator in the reference, and his award shall be binding on both parties as if he had been appointed by consent : Provided that the Court...
Page 214 - The Lawyer's Duty in Its Last Analysis. — No client, corporate or individual, however powerful, nor any cause, civil or political, however important, is entitled to receive, nor should any lawyer render, any service or advice involving disloyalty to the law whose ministers we are, or disrespect of the judicial office, which we are bound to uphold, or corruption of any person or persons exercising a public office or private trust, or deception or betrayal of the public. When rendering any such improper...

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