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Harper, 1849 - 518 pages
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Page 151 - A silver eagle, with expanded wings, on the top of a spear, sometimes holding a thunderbolt in its claws, with the figure of a small chapel above it, Dio. xl. 18., was the common standard of the legion, at least after the time of Marius, for before that the figures of other animals were used, Plin.
Page xix - Dr. B. The attendants, as soon as the soldiers appeared, prepared themselves for action, being resolved to defend their master's life at the hazard of their own ; but Cicero commanded them to set down the litter in which they were conveying him, and to make no resistance...
Page 355 - Res mancipi (contracted for mancipii,) were those things which might be sold and alienated, or the property of them transferred from one person to another, by a certain rite or form of proceeding used among Roman citizens only, and such sale was always accompanied by a aarramy of title.
Page 41 - Ego multos homines excellenti animo ac virtute fuisse et sine doctrina naturae ipsius habitu prope divino per se ipsos et moderatos et graves exstitisse fateor : etiam illud adjungo, saepius ad laudem atque virtutem naturam sine doctrina quam sine natura valuisse doctrinam. Atque idem ego hoc contendo, cum ad naturam eximiam et illustrem accesserit ratio quaedam conformatioque doctrinae.
Page xv - He complained of false friends, of an ungrateful country, of the utter ruin of all his worldly prospects. His friends were forced to admonish him sometimes to rouse his courage, and remember his former character. Nay, to such an extent was this feeling carried, that Atticus even wrote him word, of a report having reached...
Page 304 - ... canopies, and plated oars; as if they took a pride and triumphed in their villany. Music resounded, and drunken revels were exhibited on every coast. Here generals were made prisoners; there the cities the pirates had taken were paying their ransom; all to the great disgrace of the Roman power. The number of their galleys amounted to a thousand, and the cities they were masters of to four hundred.
Page 167 - They lay with the upper part of the body reclined on the left arm, the head a little raised, the back supported by cushions, (pnlvini, v. -illi). and the limbs stretched out at full length, or a little bent...

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