Sajous's Analytical Cyclopædia of Practical Medicine, Volume 6

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F. A. Davis Company, 1905 - Medicine
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Page 261 - Though the important question whether man is susceptible to bovine tuberculosis at all is not yet absolutely decided, and will not admit of absolute decision to-day or to-morrow, one is nevertheless already at liberty to say that, if such a susceptibility really exists the infection of human beings is but a very rare occurrence.
Page 260 - Among the animals that had been fed with sputum no trace of tuberculosis was found, except here and there little nodules in the lymphatic glands of the neck, and in one case a few gray nodules in the lungs.
Page 700 - The spread of yellow fever can be most effectually controlled by measures directed to the destruction of mosquitoes and the protection of the sick against the bites of these insects.
Page 259 - Six animals were fed with tuberculous sputum almost daily for seven or eight months; four repeatedly inhaled great quantities of bacilli, which were distributed in water, and scattered with it in the form of spray. None of these cattle (there were 19 of them) showed any symptoms of disease, and they gained considerably in weight.
Page 260 - Six young swine were fed daily for three months with the tuberculous sputum of consumptive patients. Six other swine received bacilli of bovine tuberculosis with their food daily for the same period. The animals that were fed with sputum remained healthy and grew lustily, whereas those that were fed with the bacilli of bovine tuberculosis soon became sickly, were stunted in their growth, and half of them died.
Page 260 - ... animals have proved. Most of the inhabitants of such cities daily consume such living and perfectly virulent bacilli of bovine tuberculosis, and unintentionally carry out the experiment which we are not at liberty to make. If the bacilli of bovine tuberculosis were able to infect human beings, many cases of tuberculosis caused by the consumption of alimenta containing tubercle bacilli could not but occur among the inhabitants of great cities, especially the children.
Page 259 - So the animals we experimented on were affected by the living bacilli of human tuberculosis exactly as they would have been by dead ones ; they were absolutely insusceptible to them. The result was utterly different, however, when the same experiment was made on cattle free from tuberculosis with tubercle bacilli that came from the lungs of an animal suffering from bovine tuberculosis.
Page 433 - gravity apparatus," in which the water is gradually heated up to the point of tolerance. The stream flows in through the catheter and returns between the catheter and mucous membrane. Several quarts of warm water may be used at each treatment. Some patients can tolerate a temperature as high as 180° or 190° F. The following advantages are claimed for this method of...
Page 260 - ... diseases, especially tubercular infiltration, of the greatly enlarged lymphatic glands of the neck and of the mesenteric glands, and also extensive tuberculosis of the lungs and the spleen.
Page 348 - The microscopic serum test is to be preferred to the macroscopic methods. 4. Quantitative determinations, relating especially to the culture, the time limits, and the dilution of the serum, are of importance and, at least in doubtful cases, should not be neglected. 5. As the reaction may be delayed or occasionally absent, a negative result of the test does not exclude the diagnosis of typhoid fever. The later in the course of the disease the test is...

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