Into the Greenhouse: Dreams: the Art of Living Limitlessly

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AuthorHouse, 2007 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 376 pages
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Episodes is a collection of sensual, sexual, steamy, erotic scenarios that may or may not have actually ever happened. Hmm If they did, and you were a part of one of them, I'm sure you were well satisfied as I myself was in order to have written about it. If they did not happen, then I hope you enjoy the stimulating reading of each episode. Even though I've kissed and told, (well, lightly whispered), only I need to know your true identity, and I hope to see you again. But if it wasn't all that then of course I had to improvise, elaborate, and invent to spice it up and make it sizzle, so don't take it personal. At least you were mentioned in some way. It's all in what you think as a reader. What you are willing to believe. I won't admit to anyone what did or didn't happen, it's for me to know and you to find out. Those who know me well, already know, those who think they know me and those that don't know me, will just have to read the book and figure it out for themselves. But why? Why try to figure it out, it doesn't really matter what did or didn't happen. What really matters is that you enjoy my book, and most definitely enjoy your own episodes created or brought upon by my stories. It is up to the imagination of the reader to decide whether or not in their own mind what really happened, and how much they choose to perceive into reality. The purpose of this book is to ignite a desire in the reader to inevitably spice up their intimate adventurers, hopefully with their own monogamous partner. Monogamous, why you might say. Because one on one is always better. If you only have one partner, you can concentrate more, and center your energy to focus on pleasing that one person easier than two, three, or four. This in turn will make them desire to, and please you more. And then you'll both be happy. This is life's truest treasure. True Love. If you don't have a monogamous relationship, then secure one with the definitive choice for you, because the adventure can only give what is put into it. And if you plan on keeping your partner, then you've got to keep it spicy. The ultimate erotic ecstasy can only be achieved when the fullest attention can be paid. And the fullest attention can only be paid when the truest of loves is involved. Otherwise, your mind wonders, as well as other parts of your anatomy. As before said, one on one is always better.

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