Elementary Physiology and Hygiene

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D.C. Heath, 1908 - Hygiene - 317 pages
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Page 293 - AVOID DELAY. A moment may turn the scale for life or death Dry ground, shelter, warmth, stimulants, etc., at this moment are nothing — ARTIFICIAL BREATHING is EVERYTHING — - is the ONE REMEDY — all others are secondary. Do not stop...
Page 236 - Oh, that a man should put an enemy into his mouth to steal away his brains ! ' " " You may well call it an enemy, Chaplain.
Page 292 - ... without lifting the head quite off the ground, and hold it long enough to slowly count one, two, three. Replace him on the ground, with his forehead on his flexed arm, the neck straightened out, and the mouth and nose free. Place your elbows against your knees and your hands upon the sides of his chest (Fig.
Page 292 - ... and give the body a smart jerk to remove mucus from the throat and water from the windpipe, hold the body suspended long enough to slowly count one— two— three— four— five, repeating the jerk more gently two or three times. RULE 2. — Place the patient...
Page 293 - RULE 3. — After breathing has commenced, restore the animal heat. Wrap him in warm blankets, apply bottles of hot water, hot bricks, or anything to restore heat. Warm the head nearly as fast as the body, lest convulsions come on. Rubbing the body with warm cloths or the hands and slapping the fleshy parts may assist to restore warmth and the breathing also.
Page 294 - Prevent friends from crowding around the patient and excluding fresh air; also from trying to give stimulants before the patient can swallow. The first causes suffocation; the second, fatal choking. Do NOT GIVE UP TOO SOON. You are working for life. Any time within two hours you may be on the very threshold of success without there being any sign of it.
Page 294 - ... Attention and effort to restore breathing by forcing air into and out of the lungs. If the -breathing has just ceased, a smart slap on the face or a vigorous twist of the hair will sometimes start it again, and may be tried incidentally, as may also pressing the finger upon the root of the tongue.
Page 87 - ... shed it coagulates, tending to check its own escape. 4. Lymph is like the blood diluted and lacking the colored corpuscles. 5. A set of lymph tubes conveys the lymph into the veins to join the flow toward the heart. 6. In its course the lymph passes through the lymphatic glands. Questions. — i. What is blood poisoning ? 2. Which is heavier, blood or water ? 3. Does it help a sick person to bleed him ? 4. What is meant by good blood ? Bad blood ? 5. What is meant by good humored ? Bad humored...
Page 300 - An organic substance containing six carbon atoms or some multiple of six, and hydrogen and oxygen in the proportion in which they form water; that is, twice as many hydrogen as oxygen atoms. Starches, sugars, and gums are carbohydrates. Cardiac (kar'-di-ak).
Page 301 - The name of two different affections, diabetes mellitus, or persistent glycosuria, and diabetes insipidus, or polyuria, both characterized, in ordinary cases, by an abnormally large discharge of urine. The former is distinguished by the presence of an excessive quantity of sugar in the urine.

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