Die Anfänge der Cultur, ins Deutsche übertr. [from Primitive culture] von J.W. Spengel und F. Poske 2 Bde, Volume 1

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Page 354 - Himmelsgegend beschreibend, sagt: • lo there (quod he), cast up thine eye, se yondir, lo, the galaxie, the -whiche men clepe the milky way, for it is white, and some parfay, ycallin it han Watlingestrete, that onis was brente -with the hete whan that the sunn is sonne the rede, which that bite Phaeton wolde lede algate his fathirs carte and gie.
Page 110 - ... wunderbar, Ihr goldnes Geschmeide blitzet, Sie kämmt ihr goldenes Haar. Sie kämmt es mit goldenem Kamme, Und singt ein Lied dabei; Das hat eine wundersame, Gewaltige Melodei. Den Schiffer im kleinen Schiffe Ergreift es mit wildem Weh; Er schaut nicht die Felsenriffe, Er schaut nur hinauf in die Höh.
Page 444 - That each, who seems a separate whole, Should move his rounds, and fusing all The skirts of self again, should fall Remerging in the general Soul, Is faith as vague as all unsweet: Eternal form shall still divide The eternal soul from all beside; And I shall know him when we meet...
Page 70 - ... nee virginis apta tempora; quae nupsit, non diuturna fuit. hac quoque de causa, si te proverbia tangunt, 490 mense malas Maio nubere vulgus ait.
Page 488 - Christe receive thy saule. When thou from hence away are paste,. Every night and alle ; To Whinny-muir thou comest at laste ; And Christe receive thye saule. If ever thou gavest hosen and shoon, Every night and alle ; Sit thee down, and put them on ; And Christe receive thye saule. If hosen and shoon thou ne'er gavest nane, Every night and alle : The whinnes shall pricke thee to the bare...
Page 130 - Sowe peason and beans in the wane of the moone Who soweth them sooner, he soweth too soone : That they, with the planet, may rest and rise, And flourish with bearing, most plentiful wise.
Page 270 - Hems in its gorges the bed Of the new-born clear-flowing stream; Whether he first sees light Where the river in gleaming rings Sluggishly winds through the plain; Whether in sound of the swallowing sea As is the world on the banks, So is the mind of the man.
Page 488 - Every night and alle ; The fire will burn thee to the bare bane ; And Christe receive thy saule.
Page 1 - Inbegriff von Wissen, Glauben, Kunst, Moral, Gesetz, Sitte und allen übrigen Fähigkeiten und Gewohnheiten, welche der Mensch als Glied der Gesellschaft sich angeeignet hat
Page 124 - A Divination strange the Dutch-made English have Appropriate to that place (as though some power it gave) By th' Shoulder of a Ram from off the right side par'd Which usually they boile, the spade-bone being bar'd, Which when the wizard takes, and gazing thereupon Things long to come foreshowes, as things done long agone.

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