Narrative of the Burmese War: Detailing the Operations of Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell's Army from Its Landing at Rangoon in May, 1824, to the Conclusion of a Treaty of Peace at Yandaboo, in February 1826

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Page 315 - His Majesty the King of Ava renounces all Claims upon, and will abstain from all future interference with, the Principality of Assam and its Dependencies, and also with the contiguous Petty States of Cachar and Jyntia. With regard to Munnipore it is stipulated, that, should Gumbheer Singh desire to return to that Country, he shall be recognized by the King of Ava as Rajah thereof.
Page 319 - Rangoon ; upon the future payment of a similar sum at that place, within one hundred days from this date, with the proviso as above, the army will evacuate the dominions of his Majesty the King of Ava, with the least possible delay ; leaving the remaining moiety of the sum total to be paid by equal annual instalments in two years, from this 24th day of February 1826, AD, through the Consul, or Resident in Ava or Pegu, on the part of the Honourable the East India Company.
Page 316 - ... and liquidated, upon the same principles of honour and good faith, as if hostilities had not taken place between the two nations; and no advantage shall be taken by either party, of the period that may have elapsed since the debts were incurred, or in consequence of the war; and according to the universal law of nations, it is...
Page 317 - This treaty to be ratified by the Burmese authorities competent in the like cases, and the ratification to be accompanied by all British, whether European or native ( American) and other prisoners, who will be delivered over to the British commissioners.
Page 315 - Government to maintain the relations of peace and amity between the Nations ; and as part indemnification to the British Government for the expenses of the war, His Majesty the King of Ava agrees to pay the...
Page 174 - Yesterday morning, between the hours of nine and ten, while the chief's dinner was preparing, he went out to take his usual morning walk round the works, and arrived at his observatory, (that tower with a red ball upon it,) where, as there was no firing, he sat down upon a couch that was kept there for his use. While he was giving orders to some of his chiefs, the English began throwing bombs, and one of them falling close to the...
Page 318 - ... treaty as little irksome or inconvenient as possible to his Majesty the King of Ava, consent to the following arrangements, with respect to the division of the sum total, as specified in the article before referred to, into instalments, viz. : upon the payment of twenty-five lacs of rupees, or one-fourth of the sum total, (the other...
Page 317 - The good and faithful ally of the British Government, His Majesty the King of Siam, having taken a part in the present war, will, to the fullest extent, as far as regards His Majesty and his subjects, be included in the above treaty.
Page 74 - ... native merchants of Calcutta were with difficulty persuaded to refrain from removing their families and property from Under the very guns of Fort 'William.
Page 103 - By a distant observer, the hills covered with mounds of earth, would have been taken for anything rather than the approaches of an attacking army ; but to us who had watched the whole strange proceeding it seemed the work of magic or enchantment.

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