Endangered Species Conservation Act of 1972, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on the Environment..., 92-2, on S. 249.., S. 3199 and 3818.., August 4 and 10, 1972

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Page 38 - Ocean; (F) the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora...
Page 113 - Japan; (C) the Convention on Nature Protection and Wildlife Preservation in the Western Hemisphere...
Page 115 - If any provision of this Act or the application of such provision to any person or circumstances shall be held invalid, the validity of the remainder of the Act and the applicability of such provision to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected thereby.
Page 119 - The Secretary may enter into agreements with any State for the administration and management of any area established for the conservation of endangered species or threatened species.
Page 125 - Drawing these activities together into a single agency would make possible a balanced Federal program to improve our understanding of the resources of the sea, and permit their development and use while guarding against the sort of thoughtless exploitation that in the past laid waste to so many of our precious natural assets.
Page 20 - Any revenues derived from the administration of such areas under these agreements shall be subject to the provisions of section 401 of the Act of June 15, 1935 (49 Stat. 383), as amended (16 USC 715s).
Page 112 - ... and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help. Only the universal ethic of the feeling of responsibility in an ever-widening sphere for all that lives — only that ethic can be founded in thought. The ethic of the relation of man to man is not something apart by itself: it is only a particular relation which results from the universal one.
Page 269 - Republks on certain fisheries problems in the northeastern part of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the United States of America.
Page 109 - The great fault of all ethics hitherto has been that they believed themselves to have to deal only with the relations of man to man.
Page 42 - It is unlawful to take endangered wildlife within the United States, within the territorial sea of the United States, or upon the high seas. The high seas shall be all waters seaward of the territorial sea of the United States, except waters officially recognized by the United States as the territorial sea of another country, under International law. (2) Notwithstanding paragraph (c)(l...

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