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Rhodes & McClure, 1904 - Bible - 228 pages

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I have very worn leather cover (fully Illustrated from Gustave Dore) By E.U. Cook
1900 Rhodes A. McClure -Publishing Co.
Chicago. Enter to the Act of Congress,in1891
In the Librarian of Congress,at Washington.
With Dedication and Preface.

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I have an actual 1897 copy of this book which unfortunately the binding of which is rather worn. The mastery of this poetic writer is unequaled in my opinion. To be able to take the major stories of the Bible and set them to 4-verse rhyme from Creation to the ascension of Jesus is beyond description. You would have to read it for your self. Read it slowly and allow it to penetrate your soul as does the actual Word of God. This is not an equal to the Bible but it does stir the soul and make one wonder at the immense Love of God toward man as unique in His creation. 


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Page 1 - THERE'S a song in the air! There's a star in the sky ! There's a mother's deep prayer And a baby's low cry ! And the star rains its fire while the Beautiful sing, For the manger of Bethlehem cradles a king.
Page 344 - They are idols of hearts and of households ; They are angels of God in disguise ; His sunlight still sleeps in their tresses ; His glory still gleams in their eyes.
Page 342 - ... most vile and wicked places in New York City and Brooklyn, ostensibly looking for a thief, but in reality taking notes for a series of discourses published in this volume, which contains a full and graphic description of what he saw and the lessons drawn therefrom. The Doctor has also extended his observations to the "Summer Resorts," "Watering Places," Races, etc., etc., all of which are popularized from his standpoint in this volume.
Page 339 - The external ear has nothing whatever to do in hearing -with this wonderful instrument. Thousands are in use by those who would not do without them for any consideration. It has enabled doctors and lawyers to resume practice, teachers to resume teaching, mothers to hear the voices of their children, thousands to hear their minister, attend concerts and theatres, and engage in general conversation.
Page 342 - AND HIS INVENTIONS: 278 pages. Containing full illustrated explanations of the new and wonderful Phonograph, Telephone, Electric Light, and all his principal inventions, in Edison's own language' generally, including many incidents
Page 340 - Moody, Sankey, Whittle and Bliss, and thirty-two full-page engravings from Gustave Dore, making an artistic and handsome volume. " A book of anecdotes which have thrilled hundreds of thousands." — Pittsburg Banner. MOODY'S GOSPEL SERMONS. As delivered by the great Evangelist, Dwight Lyman Moody, in his revival work in Great Britain and America. Together with a biography of Mr. Moody and his co-laborer, Ira David Sankey. Including, also, a short history of the Great Revival. Each sermon is illustrated...
Page 341 - What Shall We Do to be Saved?" and "Thomas Paine," to which are appended in full these Ingersoll lectures and his replies A' fair presentation of the full discussion. GREAT SPEECHES OF COL. RG INGERSOLL; complete; newly revised (1897) edition; 409 pages. Containing the many eloquent, timely, practical speeches of this most gifted orator and statesman, including his recent matchless "Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln," "Speech on the Declaration of Independence," "To the Farmers on Farming," Funeral Oration...
Page 344 - STORIES FOR THE LITTLE ONES AT HOME. 320 pages. "This handsomely illustrated book has been compiled and arranged by one who is best able to tell what is good for the instruction and amusement of the children." — A MOTHER. Many of the rhymes are original, but a large number are old favorites that will interest the old folk as reminiscences of their childhood days. The illustrations are numerous and designed to amuse and interest the little ones at home.
Page 342 - Watering Places," Races, etc., etc., all of which are popularized from hisstandpoint in this volume. Handsomely illustrated and decidedly interesting. TALMAGE IN THE HOLY LAND: 322 pages. The Palestine Sermons of T. DeWitt Talmage, delivered during his tour of the Holy Land. Including graphic descriptions of Sacred Places, Vivid Delineations of Gospel Truths, interesting local reminiscences, etc., etc., by his visit to the many places made sacred by the personal presence of Jesus and the great pens...
Page 344 - They are idols of home and of households; They are Angels of God in disguise. His sunlight still sleeps in their tresses; His glory still gleams in fhcir eyes. GEMS OF POETRY. 407 pages. Finely illustrated. Contains a very choice and varied selection of our most popular, beautiful and timehonored poems, written by the poets of all ages and climes. A magnificent gift book for a friend; a splend'd book for the holidays; appropriate for a birthday or wedding present; a fine center-table book, interesting...

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