Oration on the Hundredth Anniversary of the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis to the Combined Forces of America and France: At Yorktown, Virginia, 19th October, 1781: Delivered at Yorktown, 19th October, 1881, Volume 524

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Little, Brown, 1881 - United States - 73 pages
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Page 25 - I am very glad the choice has fallen upon you to be their Minister. I wish you, sir, to believe, and that it may be understood in America, that I have done nothing in the late contest but what I thought myself indispensably bound to do, by the duly which I owed to my people.
Page 67 - Divine service," it was added, " is to be performed to-morrow in the several brigades and divisions. The commander-in-chief earnestly recommends that the troops, not on duty, should universally attend, with that seriousness of deportment and gratitude of heart which the recognition of such reiterated and astonishing interpositions of Providence demand of us.
Page 73 - ... confounded, whether it be homebred mischief or outlandish cunning ; yea, other nations will then covet to serve ye, for lordship and victory are but the pages of justice and virtue. Commit securely to true wisdom the vanquishing and uncasing of craft and subtlety, which are but her two runagates: join your invincible might to do worthy and godlike deeds ; and then he that seeks to break your union, a cleaving curse be his inheritance to all generations.
Page 21 - Gloucester, including the officers and seamen of his Britannic Majesty's ships, as well as other mariners, to surrender themselves prisoners of war to the combined forces of America and France.
Page 68 - ... judgment and fortitude to our officers and soldiers, to protect and prosper our illustrious ally, and favor our united exertions for the speedy establishment of a safe, honorable, and lasting peace...
Page 12 - If France delays a timely and powerful aid in the critical posture of our affairs, it will avail us nothing should she attempt it hereafter.
Page 15 - Washington's plans could be effected in that way or in any other way ; and at length those plans are divulged and executed under circumstances which give assurance of success, and which cannot be recalled, even at this late day, without an irrepressible thrill of delight and gratitude. " Felix ille dies, felix et dicitur annus, Felices, qui talem annum videre, diemque " ! Leaving Philadelphia, with the Army, on the 5th of September...
Page 41 - The surrender of York, from which so great glory and advantage are derived to the allies, and the honor of which belongs to your Excellency, has greatly anticipated our most sanguine expectations.
Page 71 - Every failure here, every degree of failure here, through insubordination or discord, through demoralization, corruption, or crime, throws back the cause of freedom everywhere, and presents our country as a warning, instead of as an encouragement, to the liberal tendencies of other governments and other lands. We cannot escape from the responsibility of this great Intervention of American Example ; and it involves nothing less than the hope, or the despair, of the Ages ! Let us strive, then, to aid...
Page 69 - All France, as well as all America, was thus ringing and resounding with the praise of God for our great deliverance.

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