The Girl Scouts at Sea Crest: Or, The Wig Wag Rescue

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Cupples & Leon Company, 1920 - Children's literature - 210 pages
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Page 211 - ... GIRL SCOUTS AT CAMP COMALONG or Peg of Tamarack Hills The girls of Bobolink Troop spend their summer on the shores of Lake Hocomo. Their discovery of Peg, the mysterious rider, and the clearing up of her remarkable adventures afford a vigorous plot. 5. THE GIRL SCOUTS AT ROCKY LEDGE or Nora's Real Vacation Nora Blair is the pampered daughter of a frivolous mother. Her dislike for the rugged life of Girl Scouts is eventually changed to appreciation, when the rescue of little Lucia, a woodland...
Page 211 - The story of a timid little maid who is afraid to take part in other girls' activities, while working nobly alone for high ideals. How she was discovered by the Bellaire Troop and came into her own as "Maid Mary" makes a fascinating story. 3. THE GIRL SCOUTS AT SEA CREST or The Wig Wag Rescue Luna Land, a little island by the sea, is wrapt in a mysterious seclusion, and Kitty Scuttle, a grotesque figure, succeeds in keeping all others at bay until the Girl Scouts come. 4. THE GIRL SCOUTS AT CAMP...
Page 211 - Price per volume, 65 cent*, postpaid The highest ideals of girlhood as advocated by the foremost organizations of America form the background for these stories and while unobtrusive there is a message in every volume. 1. THE GIRL SCOUT PIONEERS or Winning the First BC A story of the True Tred Troop in a Pennsylvania town. Two runaway girls, who want to see the city, are reclaimed through troop influence. The story is correct in scout detail. 2. THE GIRL SCOUTS AT BELLAIRE or Maid Mary's Awakening...
Page 212 - Nobody's Boy" it was also crowned by the Academy, and that literary judgment has also been verified by the test of time. Noble-minded little Perrine; left destitute and alone in the alums of Paris, must find her rich grandfather, several days" journey away, or no one knows what might happen to her. Even when she finds him, in the midst of his great factories, he may hate her because he had driven her father away from home ana disinherited him. How she had the courage to go on and on until she reached...
Page 212 - This is one of the greatest of inspirational stories. Loyal ideals, with their inspiring sentiments, are preserved through the most discouraging conditions. The building up of a little girl's life is made a fine example for every child. 12 mo.
Page 212 - Send For Our Free Illustrated Catalogue Everybody Should Read NOBODY'S GIRL By HECTOR MALOT NOBODY'S GIRL, published in France under the title "En Famille...
Page 212 - She triumphs over all discomforts, perils and schemers with a firm faith in right things, and the perseverance of one unable to do wrong things. This disposition at last enables her to work great benefits for the people and ensures her the happiness of life lived at its best.

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