Historic Incidents and Life in India

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J. A. Brainerd, 1863 - India - 320 pages

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Page 122 - BY a girl, or by a young woman, or by a woman advanced in years, nothing must be done, even in her own dwelling place, according to her mere pleasure : 148.
Page 257 - Whenever a rebel is caught he is immediately tried, and unless he can prove a defence, he is sentenced to be hanged at once; but the chief rebels or ringleaders I make first clean up a certain portion of the pool of blood, still two inches deep, in the shed where the fearful murder and mutilation of women and children took place. To touch blood is most abhorrent to the high-caste natives; they think, by doing so, they doom their souls to perdition. Let them think so. My object is to inflict a fearful...
Page 252 - Fresh orders were therefore sent to murder them also; but the survivors, not being able to bear the idea of being cut down, rushed out into the compound, and, seeing a well there, threw themselves into it without hesitation, thus putting a period to lives which it was impossible for them to save.
Page 121 - The most excellent of all good works she can perform, is to gratify him with the strictest obedience. This should be her only devotion. Though he be aged, infirm, dissipated, a drunkard, or a debauchee, she must still regard him as her god. She must serve him with all her might, obeying him in all things, spying no defects in his character, and giving him no cause for disquiet. If he laughs, she must also laugh. If he weeps, she must also weep. If he sings, she must be in an ecstasy.
Page 206 - We are ignorant of what it is good to ask for. You know what is good for us. Give it to us.
Page 252 - Sahib-log, who was shot in the arm and the leg, kept crying out to the Sepoys, ' If you mean to kill us, why don't you set about it quickly, and get the work done ? why delay?
Page 252 - They laid hold of each other by dozens, and clung so close that it was impossible to separate or drag them out of the building. The troopers therefore brought muskets, and after firing a great many shots from the doors, windows, &c., rushed in with swords and bayonets. Some of the helpless creatures in their agony fell down at the feet of their murderers, clasped their legs, and begged...
Page 79 - Brahmans, through fear of him, forsook the reading of the vedh ; the rivers changed their courses ; fire lost its energy ; and the terrified stars retired from sight. He assumed the forms of the clouds, and gave rain whenever he pleased ; the earth through fear gave an abundant increase, and the trees yielded flowers and fruits out of season.
Page 212 - To any man but a rich and powerful chief, who desires to form connexions, and is able to make large and sudden restitutions, and to his tribe — a married daughter is a curse. By the death of our female infants before they see the light, the lives of men without number are saved, and we live in comparative peace.

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