The Tragic Story Of Partition

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Sahitya Sindhu Prakashana, 2002 - India - 280 pages
Contents Covers- 1. Crucial Hour Of Freedom Struggle, 2. Breaking Up Hindu Morale, 3. Abetting Muslim Separation,4. Partition Of Bengal, 5. Sowing Seeds Of `Two Nation Theory`, 6. A Nation Bestirred,7. Congress: On The Slope Of Appeasement, 8. Khilafat Movement: `A Himalayan Error`, 9. Tragic Fruits Of Khilafat, 10. Conversions, Riots Galore, 11. Soaring Muslim Demands, 12. Communal Award, 13. Gangster Style Rewards The League, 14. Compromises On Nation`S Symbols, 15. Plan For Balkanisation, 16. Boost To Jinnah By Congress, 17. India On Volcano, Britain On Wway Out, 18. League`S `Direct Action`, 19. Deadlock Complete, 20. Leaders` Minds Prepared For Partition, 21. `Amen` To Partition, 22. Fraud Played On Bharat, 23. The Holocaust, 24. Challenge Of States Integration, 25. Was Partition Unavoidable?, 26. The Poisonous Seeds, 27. For The Dream To Come True

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This is the only book that gives the complete true story of partition along with authentic references which the reader should go through to get all the details.
It is a pity that the book has not
been widely publicized and the general public continue to believe the half baked stories about partition which suppress more than they reveal. 

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