Cartoons Magazine, Volume 7, Part 2

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Henry Havens Windsor
H. H. Windsor, Editor and Publisher, 1915 - Animators

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Page 534 - Old Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard, To get her poor dog a bone: But when she got there The cupboard was bare, And so the poor dog had none.
Page 788 - Beauty while earth spins round! Bind her, grind her, burn her with fire, Cast her ashes into the sea, — She shall escape, she shall aspire, She shall arise to make men free: She shall arise in a sacred scorn, Lighting the lives that are yet unborn; Spirit supernal, Splendour eternal, ENGLAND!
Page 483 - If the commanders of German vessels of war should act upon the presumption that rhe flag of the United States was not being used in good faith, and should destroy on the high seas an American vessel or the lives of American citizens, it would be difficult for the government of the United States to view the act in any other light than as an indefensible violation of neutral rights...
Page 788 - Glory of ships that sought far goals, Glory of swords and glory of souls! Glory of songs mounting as birds, Glory immortal of magical words; Glory of Milton, glory of Nelson, Tragical: glory of Gordon and Scott; Glory of Shelley, glory of Sidney, Glory transcendent that perishes not, — Hers is the story, hers be- the glory, England! Shatter her beauteous breast ye may; The Spirit of England none can slay ! Dash the bomb on the dome of Paul's, — Deem ye the fame of the Admiral falls?
Page 505 - If any person uses the British flag and assumes the British national character on board any ship owned in whole or in part by any persons not entitled by law to own British ships, for the purpose of making such ship appear to be a British ship, such ship shall be forfeited to her Majesty...
Page 572 - ... of the French; which is represented by the hatchet placed over the arms of France. 2. They departed from Montreal — represented by the bird just taking wing from the top of a mountain. The moon, and the buck show the time to have been in the first quarter of the buck moon, answering to July.
Page 482 - She does not receive on board for safety the crew of the vessel she sinks. Her methods of warfare are therefore entirely outside the scope of any of the international instruments regulating operations against commerce in time of war. The German declaration substitutes indiscriminate destruction for regulated capture.
Page 738 - The word became a proverb, and, for many years, was in popular use among the Federalists as a term of reproach to the democratic Legislature, which had distinguished itself by this act of political turpitude. An engraving of the " Gerrymander" was made, and hawked about the State, which had some effect in annoying the democratic party.
Page 611 - With heart that only to a sword thrust yields; And there were generals decked in pride of rank, Red scabbard swinging from the weary flank; And slender youths who were the sons of kings, And barons with their sixteen quarterings. And while the nobles went with haughty...
Page 871 - In the present unorganized condition of international relations it could not well be otherwise. But let them remember that impotence, like power, has duties as well as privileges ; and if they cannot enforce the law on those who violate both its spirit and its letter let them not make haste to criticize belligerents who may thereby be compelled in selfdefence to violate its letter, while carefully regarding its spirit.

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