ZFSL, Zeitschrift für französische Sprache und Literatur, Volume 26

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Franz Steiner Verlag, 1904 - French language

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Page 253 - scais que plus je suis prodigue de ton bien, Pour enrichir des grands l'ingrate renommée, Et plus je pers le tems, ton espoir et le mien. Tu scais que seullement toute chose est aimée Qui fait d'un homme un singe, et que la vérité Sous
Page 8 - GREIFSWALD. E. STENGEL. Weston, Jessie L. The three days tournament. A study in romance and folklore being an appendix to the authors legend of Sir Lancelot. London,
Page 15 - Thus the quest of the Grail will be the successful accomplishment of a war waged for the good of the church, and the holy vessel itself will stand for the spiritual goal which many will seek but only the perfect knight attain”. Crestiens Perceval war weltlichritterlich, Roberts Josef legendarisch, der Perlesvaus und die
Page 251 - animaulx reposantz soubz son umbre: Mais mon esprit, tresprompt a son office, Ne permettoit au corps de sommeiller Un tant soit peu pour chose, que ie feisse. Parquoy contraincte en mon lit de veiller, Entray si fort en contemplation, Qu'on ne m'eust sceu en veillant
Page 251 - As the only reprint of Pernette's Rymes (Louis Perrin, Lyon, 1856) has become almost as scarce as the original edition, I quote a short specimen from the opening of la Nuict: La nuict estoit obscure, triste et sombre, Toute tranquille, et preste a malefice,
Page 245 - de Belges, rather than any other French poet, should have been the first to introduce this Italian measure. He was the first French poet to undergo a distinct Italian influence. Not only do we know that he visited Italy on two separate occasions, but the numerous allusions to
Page 305 - Berlin W. 35, Karlsbad 16. In meinem Verlage erschien und ist durch alle Buchhandlungen des In- und Auslandes zu beziehen: Französisches Gymnasialbuch ¿ für den Unterricht bis zum Abschluss der Untersekunda.
Page 173 - .Nerbonesi und die Narbonois: The quarrel with his father seems to be the knot that attached him to the cycle of Orange, and bears witness to his preexistent fame. The vow is the knot that attached an independent hero in the southland to the great northern emperor. Jongleurs from the north probably found this hero
Page 75 - p. 302): ,L'artichot et la salade, L'asperge et la pastenade, Et les pepons Tourangeaux Me sont herbes plus friandes, Que les royales viandes Qui se servent a monceaux..
Page 291 - Zeitschrift für französische Sprache und Litteratur begründet von Dr. G. Kcerting und Dr. E. Koschwitz Professor ad Universität z. Kiel Professor ad Universität z. Königsberg i.

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