The World's Great Classics: The French revolution, by T. Carlyle

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Page 274 - Great is Journalism. Is not every Able Editor a Ruler of the World, being a persuader of it ; though self-elected, yet sanctioned, by the sale of his Numbers?
Page 164 - On, then, all Frenchmen that have hearts in your bodies ! Roar with all your throats of cartilage and metal, ye sons of liberty; stir spasmodically whatsoever of utmost faculty is in you, soul, body, or spirit, for it is the hour ! Smite thou, Louis Tournay, cartwright of the Marais, old soldier of the Regiment Dauphine...
Page 163 - Old De Launay, as we hinted, withdrew " into his interior " soon after midnight of Sunday. He remains there ever since, hampered, as all military gentlemen now are, in the saddest conflict of uncertainties. The Hotel-de-Ville "invites" him to admit National Soldiers, which is a soft name for surrendering.
Page 260 - For indeed, to say it in a word, in those days there was no King in Israel, and every man did that which was right in his own eyes.* Such things has an august National Assembly to hear of, as it goes on regenerating France.
Page 164 - Thuriot ; new deputation of citizens (it is the third, and noisiest of all) penetrates that way into the Outer Court ; soft speeches producing no clearance of these, De Launay gives fire ; pulls up his Drawbridge. A slight sputter; — which has kindled the too combustible chaos ; made it a roaring fire-chaos...
Page 170 - O evening sun of July, how, at this hour, thy beams fall slant on reapers amid peaceful woody fields ; on old women spinning in cottages ; on ships far out in the silent main...
Page 166 - These wave their town-flag in the arched gateway; and stand, rolling their drum; but to no purpose. In such crack of doom, De Launay cannot hear them, dare not believe them; they return, with justified rage, the whew of lead still singing in their ears. What to do? The firemen are here, squirting with their fire-pumps on the invalides cannon to wet the touch holes; they unfortunately cannot squirt so high; but produce only clouds of spray.
Page 184 - Sansculottism ; recognize it for what it is, the portentous inevitable end of much, the miraculous beginning of much. One other thing thou mayest understand of it : that it too came from God ; for has it not been ? From of old, as it is written, are His goings forth ; in the great Deep of things ; fearful and wonderful now as in the beginning : in the whirlwind also He speaks ; and the wrath of men is made to praise Him...
Page 34 - Meanwhile it is singular how long the rotten will hold together, provided you do not handle it roughly. For whole generations it continues standing, " with a ghastly affectation of life," after all life and truth has fled out of it: so loth are men to quit their old ways ; and, conquering indolence and inertia, venture on new.
Page 163 - deputations of dtizens " have been here, passionate for arms ; whom De Launay has got dismissed by soft speeches through portholes. Towards noon, Elector Thuriot de la Rosiere gains admittance ; finds De Launay indisposed for surrender ; nay disposed for blowing up the place rather. Thuriot mounts with him to the battlements...

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