American Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 28

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Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science., 1866 - Pharmacology
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Page 36 - In our new process the only chemical agents employed for decomposing the neutral fat, and separating its glycerine, are steam and heat ; and the only agents used in purifying the glycerine thus obtained are heat and steam : thus all trouble from earthy salts or lead is escaped.
Page 561 - ... acquire would be also dependent on the rapidity with which the oxygen and carbon were made to combine, and consequently, that it was only necessary to bring the oxygen and carbon together in such a manner that a vast surface should be exposed to their mutual action, in order to produce a temperature hitherto unattainable in our largest furnaces.
Page 380 - But before any inventor shall receive a patent for any such new invention or discovery, he shall deliver a written description of his invention or discovery, and of the manner and process of making, constructing, using, and compounding the same...
Page 37 - Steam, at a temperature of from 550 to 600 Fah., is introduced into a distillatory apparatus, containing a quantity of palm oil. The fatty acids take up their equivalents of water, and the glycerine takes up its equivalent ; they then distil over together. In the receiver the condensed glycerine, from its higher specific gravity, sinks below the fat acids.
Page 374 - Services to the Public. Pharmacy has for its primary object the service which it can render to the public in safeguarding the handling, sale, compounding and dispensing of medicinal substances. The practice of pharmacy demands knowledge, skill and integrity on the part of those engaged in it. Pharmacists are required to pass certain educational tests in order to qualify under the laws of our states. The states thus restrict the practice of pharmacy to those...
Page 282 - The President, or, in his absence, one of the Vice Presidents, or, in their absence, a President pro tempore, shall preside at the meetings of the Institute.
Page 37 - ... appreciated only by those who have had the misfortune of an experimental acquaintance with it. " In an ordinary apparatus, the glycerine distilled from the neutral fat is not in a sufficiently concentrated state for most purposes : it should therefore be concentrated, and, if discoloured, be re-distilled. It is then obtained, in the state of the specimen on the table, at the temperature of 60 Pah.
Page 561 - It is necessary, in order to prevent the metal from entering the tuyere-holes, to turn on the blast before allowing the fluid crude iron to run into the vessel from the blast furnace. This having been done, and the fluid iron run in, a rapid boiling up of the metal will be heard going on within the vessel, the metal being tossed violently about, and dashed from side to side, shaking the vessel by the force with which it moves from the throat of the converting vessel.
Page 505 - On the call of any member, the yeas and nays shall be ordered, when every member shall vote, unless excused by a majority of those present, and the names and manner of voting shall be entered on the Minutes.
Page 561 - ... being used, after re-lining with firebricks, be necessary to make a fire in the interior with a few baskets of coke, so as to dry the brickwork and heat up the vessel for the first operation, after which the fire is to be all carefully raked out at the...

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