Letters Addressed [by J.J.Gurney] to Two Young Persons on the Occasion of Their Leaving the Society of Friends

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Page 8 - them in the congregation, to call and send Ministers into the Lord's vineyard." The men in authority, here alluded to, are the Bishops, who as already observed are themselves appointed by a merely temporal power. Now can it be consistent with truth and righteousness, that persons like yourselves, who have
Page 8 - we ought to judge lawfully called and sent, which be chosen and called to this work by men who have public authority given them in the congregation, to call and send Ministers into the Lord's vineyard.
Page 29 - which appear to me to be of much practical weight. The first is predestinarian doctrine, the second is party spirit. Thoroughly as I approve of a sound evangelical view of the fundamental truths of Christianity, it is much to be regretted, as I think, that such a view is closely connected among the various bodies of
Page 22 - Now, however low we may be brought, as a people, however poor and flat some of our meetings may appear to be, it is surely a blessed privilege to occupy a larger, higher ground, and to take a purer, juster view in reference to this important subject. Let us
Page 21 - a distinction wholly foreign from the nature of Christianity. It belonged to the system of the law to set apart one particular tribe to be devoted to the services of the temple, and to be supported by their brethren from whom they were separated.
Page 32 - now taken a calm survey of the difficulties which truly lie in your way, in your wish to connect yourselves with some other Christian body, I must candidly express my own conviction that these obstructions are on every hand insurmountable, and that your only
Page 20 - as I do that what is called the voluntary system, is, on the whole, greatly preferable, and must be regarded as a step in advance, I am far indeed from considering the latter a radical reform. It still ties religion to the world,
Page 9 - and felt that the true call to the ministry is the call of the Spirit, and that none can rightly send the laborer into the vineyard, but the Lord of the vineyard, the ever present Head of His own
Page 29 - dissenters, under the same heads as in the preceding case of the Church of England, viz: Secularity, the root and ground of ministry, formality in worship, and ceremonies. There are, moreover, two general points of
Page 27 - which Peter was reminded when Cornelius and his family were baptized with the Spirit under his own ministry. That this was the baptism to which our Lord alluded in His last commission to His

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