Above suspicion, Volume 2

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Page 210 - Queen, and, transported by this tremendous experience, burst forth in rhetorical supplication : " Grant that as she grows to be an old woman she may be made a new man ; and that in all righteous causes she may go forth before her people like a he-goat on the mountains.
Page 201 - Wherefore I pray and beseech you, as many as are here present, to accompany me with a pure heart, and humble voice, unto the throne of the heavenly grace, saying after me ; ' A General Confession* to be said of the whole Congregation after the Minister, all kneeling.
Page 177 - ... the reporter. We ought to be able to find some way — whether the Commissioner of Education or the Department of Agriculture — we will try to do that anyway. , Dr. DAWSON. I spent yesterday afternoon and last night in seeing what could be done. I recognized the problem that Senator Russell faces, and if I were in his place, I do not think I would want to get too far away from the original act that made this money available. At the same time, the fundamental relationship of educational matters...
Page 317 - The homely adage that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear is full of meaning for democracy.
Page 16 - Don't be immoral, Dion," entreated his wife. "My dear, if any immorality has been suggested, most certainly I am not the one to blame. So far as I am concerned, you are welcome to go on this trip instead of me; but I do not think Mrs. Grundy would be satisfied with such a proceeding, and I am quite certain Mr. Irwin would not.
Page 291 - Miles)—save those who, by reason of there remaining no matrimonial prospect whatsoever, were as good as married, or, by reason of lack of daughters, better. Miss Miles did all that lay in her power to make the afternoon pass pleasantly. The Bishop complimented Mr. Wright on his charming family; and Mr. Wright bowed his delighted acknowledgments, and said, "My Lord, though I say it, who perhaps should not, throughout England there is no more united household than mine." "And your eldest daughter...
Page 260 - She had set her heart on going to the seaside, and she was not well—far from it, indeed. When Easter had passed, however, and Lent, as a matter of course, also (it may not be quite amiss to remark that every day during Lent Mr. Wright thanked Heaven there were no leanings to Popery about "Him), the Colonel began to think Mrs. Wright would really be better away from Fisherton, and, having arrived at this conclusion, he one day took Mr. Wright aside, and "hoped he would not feel offended if he asked...
Page 34 - or will you look over the girls' pieces and see if there are any you know ? " "Thank you," answered Miss Miles, "but I can manage without the notes, I think." " The true way—the true way," commented Mr. Wright, watching her as she took up her position before the Broadwood square, which was always open on every working day, and very frequently not closed at night. "You will find it a little out of tune, I am afraid,
Page 300 - If you could only see the difference there is between young Morrison and his friend Sir Harry! But, of course, you will see, and, as usual, draw your own admirable conclusions. " Don't buy anything this week till you see the hamper unpacked which I shall take down the day after to-morrow. "Every one contributed to to-day's feast. We have had in our lives, spite of much anxiety, my dear S., great cause for thankfulness; and could you have seen the success of to-day, you must have called it a complete...
Page 23 - Precisely the same remark would hold good with regard to men, were it not that men are not interested in men in the same way as women are in women. To most men, every man he meets is a possible source of profit; to all women, every woman assumes the form of a past, present, or future rival. If she cannot talk better, she can dress better; if she cannot do either, she can " look sweet,

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