Utopia: Originally Printed in Latin, 1516

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A. Murray & son, 1551 - Utopias - 168 pages
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Page 156 - ... sound and tune is so applied and made agreable to the thinge, that whether it bee a prayer, or els a dytty of gladnes, of patience, of trouble, of mournynge, or of anger: the fassion of the melodye dothe so represente the meaning of the thing, that it doth wonderfullye move, stirre, pearce, and enflame the hearers myndes.
Page 159 - Is not this an vniuft and an vnkynde publyque weale, whyche gyueth great fees and rewardes to gentlemen, as they call them, and to goldfmythes, and to fuche other, whiche be either ydle perfones, or els onlye flatterers, and deuyfers of vayne pleafures : And of the contrary parte maketh no gentle prouifion for poore plowmen, coliars, laborers, carters, yronfmythes, and carpenters : without whome no commen wealthe can continewe...
Page 90 - But if the inhabitauntes of that lande wyl not dwell with them to be ordered by their lawes, then they dryue them out of thofe boundes which they haue limited, and apointed out for them felues.
Page 92 - These hospitalles be so wel appointed, and with al thinges necessary to health so furnished, and more over so diligent attendaunce through the continual presence of cunning phisitians is geven, that...
Page 35 - Moreover, they that be counsellours to kinges, every one of them eyther is of him selfe so wise in dede, that he nedeth not, or elles he thinketh himself so wise, that he wil not allowe another mans counsel, saving that they do shamefully and...
Page 100 - Finally whosoever for anye offense be infamed, by their eares hange rynges of golde: upon their / fyngers they weare rynges of golde, and aboute their neckes • chaines of golde : and in conclusion their heades be tied aboute with gold.
Page 10 - ... in our Ladies Churche, which is the fayrest, the most gorgeous and curious Churche of buyldyng in all the Citie, and also most frequented of people, and the service beynge doone, was readye to go home to my lodgynge, I chaunced to espye this foresayde Peter talkynge with a certayne Straunger, a man well stricken in age, with a blacke sonne-burned face, a longe bearde, and a cloke cast homly about his shoulders, whome by his favoure and apparell furthwith I judged to bee a mariner.
Page 45 - ... of his money from him were both a matter, and the one no more heinous...
Page 159 - ... yea, and that by force of a law. Therfore when I consider and way in my mind all thies commen wealthes which now a dayes any where do florish, so god helpe me, I can perceaue nothing but a certein conspiracy of riche men, procuringe theire owne commodities vnder the name and title of the commen wealth.
Page 38 - Blackeheath fielde, and a litell before that, out of the warres in Fraunce: suche, I saye, as put their lives in jeoperdye for the weale publiques or the kynges sake, and by reason of weakenesse and lamenesse be not hable to occupye their olde craftes, and be to aged to lerne new: of them I wyll speake nothing, forasmuch as warres have their ordinarie recourse.

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