Great Britain in Modern Africa

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Seeley and Company, limited, 1907 - Africa - 380 pages

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Page 377 - THE ROMANCE OF MODERN ELECTRICITY. Describing in Non-technical Language what is known about Electricity and many of its interesting applications. With 30 Illustrations and 11 Diagrams. Extra crown 8vo, 5.
Page 75 - I learnt from my intercourse with many of the leading persons in Johannesburg that the position of affairs there had become intolerable. After long efforts they despaired of obtaining redress by constitutional means, and were resolved to seek by extraconstitutional means such a change in the Government of the South African Republic as should give to the majority of the population, possessing more than half the land, nine-tenths of the wealth, and paying nineteen-twentieths of the taxes in the country,...
Page 66 - It is agreed that no slavery is or shall be permitted or practised in the country to the north of the Vaal River by the Emigrant Farmers.
Page 377 - Indeed, older people would learn much from its pages. For Instance, how few people could explain the principles of wireless telegraphy in a few words if suddenly questioned on the subject. The book is well and appropriately illustrated."— Graphic. "Mr. Gibson sets out to describe in non-technical language the marvellous discoveries and adaptation of this pervasive and powerful essence, and being a most thorough master of the subject, he leads the reader through its mazes with a sure hand. Throughout...
Page 378 - •A fund of information and amusement will be found in the pages of this handaomely bound book. Prom the lowest animals of all, the Infusoria, to the lion and thc elephant, all come within the range of Mr. Selous' observation, and he builds up out of the vast material at his disposal a very readable narrative. The illustrations are carefully drawn, and are very true to nature.
Page 379 - An entertaining volume, one more of a series which seeks with much success to describe the wonders of nature and science in simple, attractive form." — Graphic. " Offers most interesting descriptions of the strange and carious inhabitants of the insect world, sure to excite inquiry and to foster observation. There are ants white and yellow, locusts and cicadas, bees...
Page 377 - ... electricity is used at the present day, and the working of the telephone, wireless telegraphy, tramcars, and dynamos is explained with the greatest possible lucidity, while the marvels of the X-rays and of radium receive their due notice. Now that electricity plays such an all-important part in our daily life, such a book as this should be in the hands of every boy. Indeed, older people would learn much from its pages. For Instance, how few people could explain the principles of wireless telegraphy...
Page 378 - It is in truth a most fascinating book, as full of incidents and as various in interest as any other work of imagination, and, beyond the pleasure in the reading there is the satisfaction of knowing that one is in the hands of a genuine authority on some of the most picturesque subjects that natural history affords. Mr. Selous' method is strong, safe, and sound.
Page 75 - I sympathised with, and as one largely interested in the Transvaal shared in, these grievances ; and, further, as a citizen of the Cape Colony I felt that the persistently unfriendly attitude of the Government of the South African Republic towards the colony was the great obstacle to common action for practical purposes among the various states of South Africa. Under these circumstances I assisted the movement in Johannesburg with my purse and influence.

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