Criminal Trials..., Volume 2

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M. A. Nattali, 1846 - Great Britain
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Page 157 - my right arm, and I fear that will cause me to be • taken." So, as we stood close together, Mr. Catesby, ' Mr. Percy, and myself, they two were shot, as far as I • could guess, with one bullet, and then the company • entered upon me, hurt me in the belly with a pike, and 'gave
Page 183 - pronounced judgment of high treason upon all the prisoners. Upon the rising of the court, Sir Everard Digby bowing himself towards the Lords, said, " If I may but hear any of your lordships say you forgive me, I shall go more cheerfully to the gallows." Whereupon the Lords said, " God forgive you, and we do.
Page 154 - night in the mine against the stone wall, which was ' very hard to beat through ; at which time we called in ' Kit Wright, and near to Easter, as we wrought the ' third time opportunity was given to hire the cellar, in ' which we resolved to lay the powder and leave the
Page 143 - mine about the 11th of December, 1604. The five that ' first entered into the work were Thomas Percy, Robert ' Catesby, Thomas Winter, John Wright, and myself; ' and soon after we took another unto us, Christopher ' Wright, having sworn him also, and taken the sacra' ment for secrecy. When we came to the very founda
Page 209 - high enough; and we had our legs so straitened that we could not sitting find place for them, so that we both were in continual pain of ' our legs; and both our legs, especially mine, were ' much swollen, and mine continued so till I came to ' the Tower. If we had had but one
Page 139 - surely worthy of observation is the punishment by law provided and appointed for high treason; for first, after a traitor hath had his just trial, and is convicted and attainted, he shall have his judgment, to be drawn to the place of execution from his prison, as being not worthy any more to tread upon the face of the earth whereof
Page 289 - Catesby had taken a lodging), and in the presence of ' Thomas Winter, asked him what he thought what • business they went about. And this examinate anęswered, that he thought they went about some danger• ous business. Whereupon they asked him again, • what he thought the business might be ? And he
Page 153 - by which time both Mr. Percy and Mr. Wright ' were come to London, and we against their coming had ' provided a good part of the powder; so as we all five ' entered with tools fit to begin our work, having pro' vided ourselves of baked meats, the less to need
Page 140 - parts taken out and burnt, who inwardly had conceived and harboured in his heart such horrible treason. After to have his head cut off, which had imagined the mischief. And lastly, his body to be quartered, and the quarters set up in some high and eminent place, to the view and detestation of men, and to become a prey for the fowls of
Page 315 - Then the Lord Chief Justice, making a pithy preamble of all the apparent proofs and presumptions of his guiltiness, gave judgment that he should be hanged, drawn, and quartered. Garnet. No, my Lord; but I humbly desire your Lordships all to commend my life to the King's Majesty, nevertheless. At his pleasure

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