The Human Body and Health: An Elementary Text-book of Essential Anatomy, Applied Physiology and Practical Hygiene for Schools

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American Book Company, 1908 - Health education - 320 pages
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Page 285 - That disease, over which science has since achieved a succession of glorious and beneficent victories, was then the most terrible of all the ministers of death. The havoc of the plague...
Page 285 - ... the smallpox was always present, filling the churchyards with corpses, tormenting with constant fears all whom it had not yet stricken, leaving on those whose lives it spared the hideous traces of its power, turning the babe into a changeling at which the mother shuddered, and making the eyes and cheeks of the betrothed maiden objects of horror to the lover.
Page 12 - That the foundation for much of the illness in later life is laid by the boy and girl during school years, and that instruction which helps the pupils to understand the care of the body, and the true value of fresh air, proper food, exercise, and cleanliness, will add much to the wealth of a nation and the happiness of its people.
Page 290 - Do not swap apple cores, candy, chewing gum, half-eaten food, whistles, bean blowers, or anything that is put in the mouth. Peel or wash your fruit before eating it.
Page 6 - God lent His creatures light and air, And waters open to the skies ; Man locks him in a stifling lair, And wonders why his brother dies...
Page 129 - I consider alcohol a medicine, at times indispensable in the treatment of certain diseases ; but liquor as a beverage is never useful and nearly always harmful. Alcoholism must be considered the greatest enemy of the welfare of a nation, the most frequent destroyer of family happiness, the cause of the ruin of mind, body, and soul; and certainly the most active cooperator of the deadly tubercle bacillus. To combat alcoholism (drunkenness or intemperance), education above all is required.
Page 210 - In that enormous column of thirty thousand, the first who dropped out were not the tall men, or the short men, or the big men, or the little men— they were the drinkers, and they dropped out as clearly as if they had been labelled with a big letter on their backs.
Page 210 - In the contest between the home and the saloon. column of 30,000, the first who dropped out were not the tall men, or the short men, or the big men, or the little men — they were the drinkers, and they dropped out as clearly as if they had been labelled...
Page 70 - Are cigarettes legitimate articles of commerce ? We think they are not, because wholly noxious and deleterious to health. Their use is always harmful, never beneficial. They possess no virtue, but are inherently bad, and bad only. They find no true commendation for merit or usefulness in any sphere. On the contrary, they are widely condemned as pernicious altogether. Beyond question, their every tendency is toward the impairment of physical health and mental vigor. " There is no proof in the record...
Page 234 - I say unto you, the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children even unto the third and fourth generation.

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