Manual of Basic Training and Standards of Proficiency for the National Guard: Infantry, the rifle company: weapons and marksmanship, small arms

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1927 - Infantry drill and tactics

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Page 332 - ... the soldier fires only the necessary number of shots to complete the then unfinished score, and where the time element enters the ratio between the full time per score and the time to be allowed will equal the ratio existing between a full score and the number of shots to be fired.
Page 10 - In magazine fire, after the last cartridge has been fired and the bolt drawn fully to the rear, the follower rises and holds the bolt open to show that the magazine is empty.
Page 127 - If gas escapes at the base of the cartridge, it will probably enter the well of the bolt through the striker hole. In this case the bolt mechanism must be dismounted and the parts and well of the bolt thoroughly cleaned. Before assembling the bolt mechanism, the firing pin, the barrel of the sleeve, the body of striker, the well of bolt, and all cams should be lightly oiled. Many of the parts can generally be cleaned with dry rags. All parts after cleaning should be wiped with an oiled rag.
Page 10 - When the bolt is closed, or slightly forward, the cut-off may be turned up or down as desired. When the bolt is in its rearmost position, to pass from loading from the magazine to single loading, it is necessary to force the top cartridge or • follower. below the reach of the bolt, to push the bolt slightly forward, and to turn the cut-off down, showing
Page 115 - ... to the right; place the rim on the end of the magazine follower; force down the magazine spring and slip the cartridge to the left of the magazine. The next cartridge is similarly slipped in by placing it on the cartridge just inserted and forcing down the spring. The magazine may be charged with any number of cartridges from one to seven. Before dismissing the...
Page 192 - Under this method the men undergoing instruction are grouped in pairs and take turns in watching and coaching each other. The man undergoing instruction is called the pupil. The man giving instruction is called the coach. When the men of a pair change places the pupil becomes the coach and the coach becomes the pupil. The squad leaders and commanders of higher units are the instructors. The instructors supervise and prompt the men who are acting as coaches.
Page 6 - The oil is only for the lubrication of working parts. The cap is also provided with a leather washer to prevent leakage. The cap on the thong section has a leather pad on its outer surface, which prevents the noise that would result from the oiler striking the butt plate cap. The oiler should always be inserted in the stock so that the leather-tipped cap will be next to the butt plate cap. The...
Page 115 - ... are in the forward position and safely interlocked; this device also controls the firing and prevents more than one shot from following each pull of the trigger (34). 2. The (automatic) grip safety (35) at all times locks the trigger (34) unless the handle is firmly grasped and the grip safety (35) pressed in.
Page 166 - Target B. — The mid-range target, used for 500 and 600 yards, Is a square 6 feet on a side, black circular bull's-eye 20 inches in diameter; center ring, 37 inches in diameter; inner ring, 53 Inches in diameter ; outer, remainder of target. Value of hits, same as on target "A.
Page 194 - The squad leader or instructor shows a sighting bar to his squad or group and points out the front and rear sights, the eyepiece, and the removable target. He explains the use of the sighting bar as follows...

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