Biblisch-theologisches Wörterbuch der neutestamentlichen Gräcität. [With] Suppl.- heft

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Page 184 - There is always an element of ignorance in every human transgression, which constitutes it human and not devilish ; and which, while it does not take away, yet so far mitigates the sinfulness of it, as to render its forgiveness not indeed necessary, but possible.
Page 9 - A word or two on the causes of this their significant absence may here find place. In part, no doubt, the explanation of this absence is, that these words by the corrupt use of the world had become so steeped in earthly sensual passion, carried such an atmosphere of this about them, that the truth of God abstained from the defiling contact with them ; yea, found out a new word for itself rather than betake itself to one of these.
Page 386 - N ovum est non quod nuper , sed quod nmc primum habemus ; recens vero, non quod nunc primum, -sed quod nuper. Et novum ad rem, recens ad tempus refertur. Propterea ut simul ulrumque significetur, conjungunt ur , ut in Cic. Flac. 6.
Page 209 - Col. 1, 23. 2 Cor. 3, 6); not in his relation, either servile, bat of the âov^oç, or more voluntary, as in the case of the д-^алыу, to a person.
Page 243 - Morison, critical exposition of the third chapter of Pauls ep. to the ¡•«as, 1866; f.
Page 278 - Tune dixit David: an propter prosélytes Deus haec populo s но У Di sit ei Deus: si removes remotos, removebis etiam propinqnos.
Page 480 - ЗпЫ haec appellatio jam Lúea et Joanne scribente usitatior et notior erat, quam Matt acríbente; Marcus medium tenet. Initio doceri et confirman debuit hoc fidei a deinde praesupponi potuit.

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