Cynewulf's Christ: An Eighth Century English Epic

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D. Nutt, 1892 - 215 pages

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Page 159 - HAIL, holy Light, offspring of heaven first-born, Or of the eternal co-eternal beam, May I express thee unblamed ? since God is light, And never but in unapproached light Dwelt from eternity, dwelt then in thee, Bright effluence of bright essence increate.
Page xxii - But trusteth wel, I am a sotherne man, I cannot geste, rom, ram, ruf, by my letter, And, God wote, rime hold I but litel better.
Page 153 - Mare cognovit, quia sub plantis ejus se calcabile praebuit. Terra cognovit, quia eo moriente contremuit. Sol cognovit, quia lucis suae radios abscondit. Saxa et parietes cognoverunt, quia tempore mortis ejus scissa sunt. Interims agnovit, quia hos quos tenebat mortuos, reddidit.
Page 141 - Lord, brighter than the sun, for all the blessed ones; there is the love of the beloved; life without death's end; a gladsome host of men; youth without age; the glory of the heavenly chivalry; health without pain for righteous workers; and for souls sublime rest without toil; there is day without dark gloom, ever gloriously bright; bliss without bale; friendship 'twixt friends for ever without feud; peace without enmity for the blest in heaven, in the communion or saints.
Page xiv - Illic invenies veterum vestigia patrum, Quidquid habet pro se Latio Romanus in orbe, Graecia vel quidquid transmisit clara Latinis, Hebraicus vel quod populus bibit imbre superno, Africa lucifluo vel quidquid lumine sparsit.
Page 73 - tis most like as if we fare in ships On the ocean flood, over the water cold, Driving our vessels through the spacious seas With horses of the deep. A perilous way is this Of boundless waves, and there are stormy seas On which we toss here in this feeble world O'er the deep paths. Ours was a sorry plight Until at last we sailed unto the land...
Page 73 - O'er the deep paths. Ours was a sorry plight Until at last we sailed unto the land, Over the troubled main. Help came to us That brought us to the haven of salvation, God's Spirit-Son, and granted grace to us That we might know e'en from the vessel s deck Where we must bind with anchorage secure Our ocean steeds, old stallions of the waves.
Page 149 - Ecce iste venit saliens in montibus, et transiliens colles. Consideravit namque tantomm operum culmina, et ait : Ecce iste venit saliens in montibus. Veniendo quippe ad redemtionem nostram, quosdam, ut ita dixerim, saltus dedit. Vultis, fratres carissimi, ipsos ejus saltus agnoscere ? De coelo venit in uterum, de utero venit in praesepe, de praesepe venit in crucem, de cruce venit in sepulcrum, de sepulcro rediit in coelum.
Page 11 - Hail, heavenly beam, brightest of angels thou, Sent unto men upon this middle-earth ! Thou art the true refulgence of the sun, Radiant above the stars, and from thyself Illuminest for ever all the tides of time.
Page 7 - O Sight of Peace ! Holy Jerusalem ! Choicest of royal thrones ! Citadel of Christ.' 961. By a scribal error, this verse begins a new section in the MS. 962. The or in ' flor,' etc. = our; cp. stanza xxxvi. 967. aquylde : cp. ' aquyle,' 690. This word, as well as the thought of the whole passage, is, I have little doubt, suggested by the part of Bel Acueil,

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