Reminiscences of the Nineteenth Massachusetts Regiment

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Wright & Potter printing Company, 1899 - Massachusetts infantry. 19th regt - 186 pages
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Page 27 - A company cook is a peculiar being: he generally knows less about cooking than any man in the company. Not being able to learn the drill, and too dirty to appear on inspection, he is sent to the cook house to get him out of the ranks."1 A notable exception to all of this was, as might be expected, the 55th New York, full of transplanted Frenchmen. They knew something about cooking, and their officers
Page 186 - men were much prostrated by this terrible tax on their endurance." The last day of June was the " regular muster for pay," and on that day General Meade assumed the command of the army. The march was resumed, July i, at eight o'clock in the morning, and about noon heavy...
Page 79 - They use a man here," wrote a weary Massachusetts veteran, "just the same as they do a turkey at a shooting match, fire at it all day and if they don't kill it raffle it off in the evening; so with us, if they can't kill you in three years they want you for three more — but I will stay."3 Some 136,000 veterans re-enlisted. Another hundred thousand or so decided not to. This latter group experienced the usual aversion to risktaking during their final weeks in the army, thus limiting their combat...
Page 105 - You damned Yankee, give me that flag!" Mike looked at the Southerner and he looked at the bayonet, and he replied: "Well, it is twenty years since I came to this country, and you are the first man who ever called me a Yankee. You can take the flag, for that compliment.
Page 15 - What is it ?" said the colonel. "Well, colonel, I wish you believed as you did before the war. Then you believed in putting none but Americans on guard and here I am, an Irishman, wet to the skin, having been on guard all night.
Page 94 - Men who had straggled and kept out of battle now were in the ranks, and the result to our corps alone was as good as if we had been re-enforced by a full regiment." 66 Grant usually rose early, but he made an exception on May 20 and slept until the sun was up. "Bill! Ho, Bill! What time is it?
Page 123 - twas grand, Marching through the streets of Boston Behind a regimental band. When at Wagner I was captured, Then my courage failed; Now I'm dirty, hungry, naked, Here in Charleston Jail. Chorus: Weeping, sad and lonely, Oh, how bad I feel! Down in Charleston, South Carolina, Praying for a good square meal.
Page 69 - I asked him what he thought of it and he said, "It is a bad wound, John, a very bad wound.
Page 178 - ... naked, and their feet and hands were frozen; they had lost their reason; could not tell the State they came from, their regiment or company. We threw them what rations we had, and they would fight for them like dogs, rolling over each other in their eagerness to get the least morsel.
Page 56 - And burned your hearts with patriot fire, nerved your arm to right, Ye were foremost when the call came, ye were foremost in the fight. And well ye fought and brave ye died, ye were no hireling slaves, May earth its richest tribute bring to all our fallen braves.

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