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The issue of website creation has baffled me for years. I have not been able to make use of the internet simply because I lacked the technical skils to be able to create a site.
One needs to be
able to create a large site or create a one page landing site to bring visitors to and give them the content that they are looking for. This must be done at the click of button. Can this manual help you do that?
Does this missing link manual address the questions that I have outlined?
For me the prove of the pudding is in the eatin, I would therefore like to read the manual and try it for myself. Please e-mail me a copy so that I can walk through the entire website creation process and give you proper feedback.
Bally if you are thinking about quitting ciggarettes. This is must read site that you should bookmark and get on the mailing list.
E-mail me the missing link manual at Once I have read the entire manual which I will do over one weekend. I will put what I know and learnt into practice and give you my honest feedback and critique.

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