Medical Times and Gazette, Volume 1

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J. & A. Churchill, 1865
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Page 240 - Chamberlaine, was the founder of the Society for the Relief of the Widows and Orphans of Medical Men in London and its vicinity.* THOMAS GALLEY, MD, was born in Lancashire.
Page 285 - But evil is wrought by want of Thought, As well as by want of Heart.
Page 118 - WHEREAS it is expedient that Persons requiring Medical Aid should be enabled to distinguish qualified from unqualified Practitioners...
Page 95 - DISEASES OF THE OVARIES : their Diagnosis and Treatment, by T. SPENCER WELLS, FRCS, Surgeon to the Queen's Household and to the Samaritan Hospital. 8vo, with about 150 Engravings, 21s.
Page 124 - Bless us! what a word on A title-page is this! and some in file Stand spelling false, while one might walk to MileEnd Green. Why is it harder, sirs, than Gordon, Colkitto, or Macdonnel, or Galasp? Those rugged names to our like mouths grow sleek, That would have made Quintilian stare and gasp.
Page 182 - The Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal granting the dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland unto Henr}' Baron Brougham and Vaux, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten...
Page 293 - ... that the rank of the officers of the medical department of the army shall be arranged upon the same basis which at present determines the amount of their pay and emoluments : Provided, That the medical officers shall not in virtue of such rank be entitled to command in the line or other staff departments of the army.
Page 238 - It was after the annual dinner of the Society for the Relief of the Widows and Orphans of Medical Men, organized by the late Dr.
Page 260 - The sums he gave and collected for the hospital were great, and his manner of doing it was no less admirable. I am told that he was once collecting money in Wiltshire's room for that purpose, when a lady entered who is more remarkable for her wit than her charity, and, not being able to pass by him unobserved, she gave him a pat with her fan and said, " You must put down a trifle for me, Nash, for I have no money in my pocket.
Page 164 - ON THE ANOMALIES OF ACCOMMODATION AND REFRACTION OF THE EYE. with a PRELIMINARY ESSAY ON PHYSIOLOGICAL DIOPTRICS. By FC DONDERS, MD, Professor of Physiology and Ophthalmology in the University of Utrecht. Translated from the Author's Manuscript by WD MOORE, MD "This splendid monograph, from the hand of the accomplished professor of physiology and ophthalmology, of Utrecht, will be hailed as a boon by all lovers of ophthalmic science.

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