Design of Electrical Machinery, Volume 2

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Page 23 - the ratio of increase diminishes as the temperature increases, and an increase of the amount of heat generated in the armature increases the temperature of the armature, but less
Page 23 - An increase of the temperature of the armature causes an increased radiation of heat per degree rise in temperature, but
Page 5 - mean, and will be greater for machines of greater specific output, therefore larger in the case of large modern machines than for small or old types.
Page 27 - case, in which a brush is never in contact simultaneously with more than two segments
Page 27 - wires which may be undergoing commutation at the same time under another brush, we
Page 22 - of the material. For the numerical value of this constant Steinmetz gives the
Page 12 - two paths in parallel through the armature regardless of the number of poles.
Page 27 - flows from the external circuit to the brush and there divides into two
Page 28 - There is, therefore, no sparking, since the current in the trailing tip decreases

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