Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society, Volume 9

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Published for the Society, 1903 - Connecticut
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Page 75 - Martin Janus Brown Samuel Taylor Dinnis Crohon I do swear on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God that the men whose Names are mentioned in this Rolle or list where in actual sarvice in my Company from ye first of March to ye 31 of said Month both days Inclusef.
Page 66 - York as appears by the Muster Roll of the said Company signed by Elihu Chauncey Esqr. whom I appointed Commissary of the Musters for the three ComMoses Wooster Israel Smith Samuel Lyon Edward Wooster Timothey Dirgey David Colkoon Samuel Halbart Daniel Kenney Samuel Waller Abiraham Stoddard Elijah Hamblin Jedediah Jewet Paul Atwell John Thomas Nathaniel Dike Larance Parkle John Howde Joseph Ball Archd. Blare Timothy Turner Eben Warner Sam".
Page 71 - Loyd Moses Whitney John Silkrig Elezar Robbertson Josiah Preston Wath: Curtis Dan1- Rust, Jr Nath"- Will, 2 days Charls Bartlett Climon Neff Sam"- Guilburt Sam"- Cotton John Brown Benajah Edwards Sam"- Judd Ezekil Whitney Jonathan Pawkaigh Syrus Hawkins James Robbords, 2 days John Ryon Brister Park John Gennius Asa Bowdish Joseph Pomham Peter Dye, 2 days Robart Stevenson Jabez Barns John Lord Joseph Garrot Thomas Kines John Rice Roburt Stevens Elezar Gaylord Thomas Sweete Justes Dale * Roburt Durke...
Page 65 - Manner of Rensselaerwyck in -the County of Albany this fourteenth Day of June 1755. SYBRANT GV SCHAICK, Judge JOHANNIS VANSANTE, Justis JACOB TEN EYCK, Justis PHILL I. SCHUYLER. A LIST OF THE COMPANY UNDER THE COMMAND OF CAPT. STREET HALL ESQ".
Page 66 - Brown Eldad Curtiss Josiah Dudley Hezekiah Brackett Sam". Towner Benjamin Griswold Benjamin Chittingden Thomas Watson Nicholas Elsworth Amaziah Busk David Page Ephraim Camp John Tom Will: Tom Enos Potter James Henman Benj". Cooke, Jr. John Atwood Bate Hall Israel Frisbe John Kimbol Will". Right Peter Sip Adam Saintgood Peter President Permenas Bunnel Francis Blague John Low Moses Earl Denis Covert James Parker June 2 ist 1755 Then mustered aforenamed Ninety Seven private soldiers as able Bodied Effective...
Page viii - It is not the purpose of this introductory sketch to describe this collection of manuscripts except so far as it relates to the work in hand. Among the documents were about two hundred and thirty-five original muster and pay rolls of Connecticut men serving in the French and Indian War 1755-1761. A well-known Hartford book collector, since deceased, became, in some way now unknown, associated with Judge Adams in the examination and perhaps in the ownership of the collection. Through him these rolls...
Page 69 - Smith Joshua Perrey William Hopkins Sam"- Tietson Ruben Hitchcock Sam"- Bayles Jr Dennis Covert Ebenezer Warner Asa Page Phinehas Beach Nathanall Dike Benjamin Chitterton William Brown Daniel Worden William Tom Stephen Perkins Sam"- Hurlbert Gideon Parish Permineas Bunnel Nathan Andrews Hezekiah Bracket James Parker Moses Wooster James Coben Stephen Joes Antony Miller Ephraim Andrews Albany y
Page iii - Vice-Presidents, James J. Goodwin, Hartford; James Terry, New Haven; Richard A. Wheeler, Stonington; Morris W. Seymour, Bridgeport; Theodore S. Gold, Cornwall; Frank Farnsworth Starr, Middletown; Ellen D. Larned, Thompson; E. Stevens Henry, Rockville.
Page 166 - ... formed into one regiment of fourteen companies, to act in conjunction with the regular troops under the command of the Earl of London. In October the Assembly ordered the enlisting of three companies of ninety-four men each, officers included, out of the troops already in service, to remain in service through the winter. A vessel of war was purchased and put in service by order of the Assembly. An alarm in August, at the time of the capture of Port William Henry, called out many of the militia.
Page 70 - Wells Ebenezer Davis Ruben Hutchinson Nathan Lillie Elijah Fitch Dan"- Rose Josiah Whitney Isaac Sawer Ebenezer Lyman Resolved Wheeler Mercy Throop King Palmer Thos- Martin Sam"- Metcalf Thos- Goodrich Sam1...

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