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After reading the book 'Googled' I wanted to read more about Google and this book has been an amazing insight on the way Google works. As a young professional it's been so interesting and informative on how to handle the "Google Age"of business.

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If you are somebody who thinks that the internet has ruined the way we live, work, and so on, if you see this book in a library, pick it up. If you see this book on a store shelf, buy it. It will help you understand how we truly need to react to this technological era. It's not going to stop. You will be left behind. Business managers, company owners, do the right thing.... get this book and get with it! 

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I found the book “What Would Google Do?” interesting. I never really sat down to think about how much the world has changed and how much the internet had to do with it. Jarvis states several times throughout the book that “small is the new big”. Small companies can now make a name for themselves and become successful because of the internet. It has allowed more people to become entrepreneurs because a large amount of capital is not need to do business on the internet.
One of the points that Jarvis is trying to make throughout the book is “if it isn’t broken, break it”. He wants companies and industries to start thinking outside the box in order to stay ahead of competition. Just as craigslist severely hurt the newspaper industry, if we do not start thinking of new ways to do business then our companies will lose. Innovative startup companies can tear down a complete industry by offering something that offers a network to connect and make people’s lives easier.
Another key aspect of the book is to listen to your customers. Customers are out there speaking about your company. It is the company’s job to read what is being read about them, good and bad. We should be responding to our customers. We should be getting them involved in the process of innovation. List to what the customers wants and change what the customers do not like. Customers now, more than ever, have a very strong voice because of the internet. There is really no need for advertising anymore. If you have a good product, customers will talk about it and sell it for you.
A weakness of this good was that it was very long winded. I felt at times that Jarvis keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. I think Jarvis could have gotten to the point in 100 pages. There is a lot of fluff. One chapter of the book that I do not necessarily agree with is “Free is the new business model”. Not all companies can offer free products. I work for consumer/drug company and I cannot possibly think of any way that my company could offer free products and still make a profit. “Free” works for some industries, but not all.
I am glad I read this book. It opened my eyes to possibilities of the future and the new ways we need to start thinking. Google and the internet have immensely changed the world that we live in and will continue to make changes in the years to come.

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This is a very great book which inspires people to think about the key elements for success. The author has used a very attractive company—Google-- as the example to help readers
getting out of the old minds/rules and encourage people re-realizing the world and exploring different way of thinking.
The book is divided in two parts: Google Rules and If Google Ruled the World. In the first part, the author shares Google’s philosophy for its success. He has breaks down these philosophies into 40 kinds of straightforward, lucid and survival principles such as:
• the way Google views and manages its relationship with customers
• the view of how internet can impact the world structure and Google takes as advantage to develop its business
• the strategy Google use for capturing the market niches and bring Google’s economy into the current economy system.
In a word, this part has described the new changes in Google's social relations, openness, community, business, ethics and speed. All these changes account for Google’s competitive advantages of its development.
In the second part, "If Google ruled the world", the author discusses that under the influences of the Google search, what are the developing trends of media, advertising, retail, utilities, manufacturing, services, finance, public welfare, public institutions. The author provides lots of details and information that already have been brought into different industries by Google. He also makes assumptions of further changes Google can develop. However, the deeper purpose in this part is the author hope people can rethink, and reimage, and find out the inspiration to their own situation.
This book doesn’t imply that we should take to copy all the Google does, because Google also has its disadvantage and involved in many legal troubles. However, its philosophies, and views do remind us that we should take a look about our world with an open mind. We also should re-examine our situations with different view and grape further opportunities. So, this book is not only about Google, actually it is the book about yourself.

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WWGD - What would Google Do - is a book about the new ways that internet is changing our lives, and how the best to benefit from it. Despite its title, this is not a book about Google, at least not in a sense that it makes any effort to deeply analyze and try to explain in non-obvious terms the source of Google's success. Recently I came across a picture online which depicts a small store somewhere in India that without any shame or sense of propriety named itself "Google." Google has indeed become a global phenomenon and one of the strongest brands in the world, and it is not surprising to find people trying to profit from being associated with it in any way imaginable. After reading this book, one can't help feel that the use of Google was a similar ploy on the part of the author. The book is filled with case studies and examples of where an online company supposedly benefited from emulating a "Google" model of doing things, even when that connection is tenuous at best. Oftentimes, as in the case of Facebook for instance, this is downright ridiculous: Facebook is lauded for opening up its application development system, while in fact Facebook is a paragon of the "old" way of approaching content on the internet - a closed garden, not an open platform. Although there are indeed many problems with the way that many old online companies were doing business, it is far from clear that the Google model is a panacea that fits every company and internet technology business model equally well. In fact, to this day Google has been unequivocally successful at doing exactly one thing - search.
The book also suffers from not having a clear focus. There are many interesting and novel ides thrown around, but it is unclear what ties them all together. The writing style is fairly accessible and if you want to read something from one of the insides of the new online media world, this would be as good a read as they come. But don't expect to get any concrete ideas about either the inside scoop on how Google works or for your next business venture. One gets a sense that the author has absorbed way too much jargon and hype in order for this to happen.

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Disturbing, disruptive and very validating!
This reads like a 'how to' manual for turning concepts into reality. With the huge Google tool chest behind everyone of Jarvis' statements it's impossible
to disregard.
Take your time and cook every chapter, then read it again and 'double bake' it.
Andrew Ryeland
Bear Claw Tours (A googlized enterprise)

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Great insight from a man whose clearly done his homework. Nice analysis of google's business model. Highly recommend the book.

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The author does a great job applying the ideas of google to all kinds of situations. Inspiring! Read full review

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