Guide to the Materials for American History in Cuban Archives

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Carnegie institution of Washington, 1907 - Archives - 142 pages

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Page 3 - Of these 2,500 bundles of papers I should say that 1,800 or 2,000 relate in some way or other to the history of Florida and Louisiana during the latter part of the eighteenth century and the early part of the nineteenth.
Page 74 - The adjacent Islands dependent on said Provinces, all public lots and squares, vacant Lands, public Edifices, Fortifications, Barracks and other Buildings, which are not private property, Archives and Documents, which relate directly to the property and sovereignty of said Provinces, are included in this article. The said Archives and Documents shall be left in possession of the Commissaries, or Officers of the United States, duly authorized to receive them.
Page 94 - Morehouse on the Ouachita. Memorial of the Baron de Bastrop to the Baron de Carondelet. New Orleans, June 20, 1796. Certified copy. 3 pages. Concession of governor Carondelet, New Orleans, June 21, 1796. Certified copy. 2 pages. The project and concession embraced (1) a grant of about twelve square leagues in the district of Ouachita, including the...
Page 94 - Madrid et de le Natchez, sous la conduite de Mr. de Breard, en vertu du Contract passe avec Mr. le Baron de Bastrop." Fort Miro, May 10, 1797. Thirty-five persons ; names given. Letter of the Baron de Carondelet to the Intendant Morales in support of the project of the Baron de Bastrop, dwelling upon the advantages which would accrue to the province from it, stating the needs of the colony and the policy of his administration. New Orleans, June n, 1797.
Page 115 - Copia Integra: Del espediente formado en virtud de Real orden de 29 de Abril de 1822 que manda se remita a SM una razon circunstancia de las donaciones de tierras hechas en las Floridas de que haya constancia en el Intendencia. Ano de 1822. No. 226 cuaderno primero de Reales Ordones. " [744 p. ] This document is generally referred to as the Pintado report. Its principal sections include a list of lands...
Page 94 - ... in Ouachita directly to Havana, without selling at New Orleans ; (4) liberty of conscience to non-Catholics, etc. The originals were given to US Consul Trist in 1835, as appears from a receipt which is among the papers. Other documents in the expediente are the following: "List des families arrivees par M. le Baron de Bastrop le 19 Avril 1797.— en vertu de son Contract.
Page 74 - Havannah from West Florida, various boxes of papers of the Archives of that Province, in disorder, & without indexes, the examination of which will require time.
Page 101 - Vicarios, párrocos y demás eclesiásticos, que ejerzan la cura-animarum en las provincias de la Luisiana y Florida Oriental y Occidental, para la celebración de los matrimonios de los colonos ingleses, anglo-americanos, y demás extranjeros protestantes domiciliados en ellas, y también los gobernadores y justicias en cuanto les comprenda».
Page 3 - ... his report showed our records were still extant, and apparently as they were when Mr. Gayangos first saw them. He found thousands of documents lying uncared for in ancient buildings in Seville, Madrid and Simancas, and others still reposing at Havana. Speaking of those in Seville, he said: "The 2,500 bundles of which the collection is composed lie in confused heaps about the floor of a cellar-like room, where dampness, dust and moths are consuming the papers, and many of them are beyond reclaim....