France Bears the Burden

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Macmillan, 1917 - World War, 1914-1918 - 214 pages
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Page 219 - British commonwealth the new situation requires the putting away of the German Imperial establishment and the military caste; the reduction of the German peoples to a footing of unreserved democracy with sufficient guarantees against national trade discriminations; surrender of all British tutelage over outlying possessions, except what may go to guarantee their local autonomy; cancelment of all extra-territorial pretensions of the several nations entering into the league; neutralisation of the...
Page 224 - DD 27, 5m, 1 1 778 BERKELEY, CA 94720 LOAN PERIOD 1 2 3 4 5 6 ALL BOOKS MAY BE RECALLED AFTER 7 DAYS DUE...
Page 189 - French army, is based on his prompt and intelligent obedience of orders delivered by military superiors. He knows that his officers are trained specialists in war, and he puts himself freely in their hands, so that the nation's will in war may be accomplished. He understands the successive limitations of military authority — the private to the sergeant, the sergeant to the lieutenant, the lieutenant to the captain...
Page 219 - Imperial Germany and the Industrial Revolution," "The Instinct of Workmanship," etc. Cloth, I2tno, $2.00 Professor Veblen's new book, "The Nature of Peace," is a close analysis of war and the basis of peace. It is of special interest just now on account of its insistence upon the absolute destruction of the German Imperial State as the only assurance of a permanent peace. The ideals towards...
Page 124 - I saw a single German machine and I went for him. When I neared him he began firing at me." "What were your sensations at the moment?" "Did not have time for sensations. I began firing at him. Then we both circled, firing all the time. Suddenly, his machine seemed to turn all white. He was upside down. Then he caught fire. He fell, reminding me of a smoking cigarette butt dropping through the air. Then I came home.
Page vii - That which, in my opinion, gives special value to your book on France in war time, is that you have not been content only to gather therein the excellent articles sent by you from Paris and the Front to the Washington Post, but you also, from your observations and experiences, develop a picture of the whole subject. Yours is the work of the historian.
Page 192 - A sodden rain was falling, adding the last dismal touch to conditions, yet the singer chanted gaily: Elle a perdu son parapluie, tant pis pour elle. In a moment a mud-spattered soldier appeared from the dark of the cave. "Good morning," he said, cheerily throwing the carcasses of two huge rats over the parapetc "There goes the night's hunting.
Page 191 - It had rained for two weeks and it still rained. The battle ground, a great patch of black, desolate earth, looked as if for an age it had been submerged beneath the slimy waters of some flood. Gaunt and murky tree stumps marked the residue of woodlands.
Page 205 - French belongs the honour of first employing this effective artillery principle. I have seen these great pieces of ordnance, equal in size to the major guns of a battleship, moving from point to point along specially built lines of lateral railroads, running in rear of the trench position on the Somme.
Page 217 - Absolutely different from preceding books of the war. Its very freedom and girlishness of expression, its very simplicity and open-heartedness, prove the truth of its pictures." — New York World. "A luminous story of a sensitive and generous nature, the spontaneous expression of one spirited, affectionate, ardently ambitious, and blessed with a sense of humour.

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