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Such a shame that Didier Rosada is a sell out and works for a greedy, unethical corporation such as Uptown. I totally lost respect for him when he chose to work for them. His skill and knowledge may be great but his ethics and motives are questionable.
I highly disagree with you that Uptown Bakers is "Artisan Bread". Maybe when the company first started. Now that it is under owner Mike McCloud, the company has become the equivalent of Godzilla in the guise of the Pillsbury Doughboy. They are a 10 million dollar a year operation, have been sued for discrimination, churn out 30,000 loaves a day, and have just entered into an agreement to add bar codes to their plastic bagged loaves in a big expansion effort to move into Pennsylvania supermarkets. Not that there is anything wrong with pursuing corporate expansion and profits, but I would hardly call their product "artisan" It is mass produced on a scale larger than any other bakery in the area.

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