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1888 - History - 206 pages
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Page 187 - This bill gives to every citizen of the United States "who is the head of a family," and to every person of foreign birth residing in the country who has declared his intention to become a citizen, though he may not be the head of a family...
Page 44 - Capitan, where two perpendicular surfaces of smooth granite, more than 3000 feet high, meet each other at a right angle. It is sufficient to look for a moment at the vertical faces of El Capitan and the Bridal Veil Rock, turned down the Valley, or away from the direction in which the eroding forces must have acted, to be able to say that aqueous erosion could not have been the agent employed to do any such work. The squarely cut re-entering angles, like those below El Capitan, and between Cathedral...
Page 51 - ... the characteristics of this portion of the county being significantly indicated by some of the local names, such as Hot Springs, Geysers, Sulphur Springs, Black Lake, Soda Pond, Volcanoes, Obsidian Mountain, Deep Canon, Volcanic Table-land, Red Crater, Adobe Meadows, and Oasis. Mono Lake...
Page 163 - When no express stipulation exists, per bill of lading, goods are to be considered as deliverable on shore. Freight on all goods to be paid or secured to the satisfaction of the captain or consignee of the vessel, prior to the delivery of goods.
Page 44 - Illilouette canon, were never produced by ordinary erosion. Much less could any such cause be called in to account for the peculiar formation of the Half Dome, the vertical portion of which is all above the ordinary level of the walls of the Valley, rising 2,000 feet, in sublime isolation, above any point which could have been reached by denuding agencies, even supposing the current of water to have filled the whole Valley.
Page 170 - The following is a copy of our annual statement of precious metals produced in the States and Territories west of the Missouri River (including British Columbia, and receipts...
Page 73 - It has less plain land than the counties lying to the south; but, on the other hand, Plumas County differs from the •counties lying to the south of it in contour, the surface being more of a rolling character. A great deal of rich valley land is thus placed at the •disposal of the husbandman. 'There is virtually no limit to the fertility of the soil in those valleys, composed as it is of the alluvial deposits •carried down by the melting snows and the rains of centuries from the overhanging...
Page 45 - ... that the said State shall accept this grant upon the express conditions that the premises shall be held for public use, resort, and recreation ; shall be inalienable for all time ; but leases not exceeding ten years may be granted for portions of said premises.
Page 181 - The year is divided into two seasons — the wet and the dry. The wet season generally begins about the middle of November, sometimes a little earlier or later, and continues until April or May.
Page 130 - The soil on the hillsides, mountain slopes, and the parallel chains of small valleys along the many watercourses throughout the county, is very productive. The valleys, particularly, produce a luxuriant growth of nutritious native grasses, and, together with the rich verdure of the gentle slopes and table lands, furnishes pasturage during the summer and fall months for 150,000 head of migratory stock — horned cattle, sheep, and horses— which are driven from the lower or valley counties.

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