Medical diagnosis

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D. Appleton, 1904 - 1058 pages
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Page 85 - Motor paralyses in the region of the superior laryngeal nerve of the crico-thyreoid muscle, which is supplied by the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve, are...
Page 315 - It is characterised by irregularly alternating periods of exacerbation and comparative quiescence ; a peculiar, inflamed, superficially ulcerated, exceedingly sensitive condition of the mucous membrane of the tongue and mouth ; great wasting and anaemia ; pale, copious, and often loose, frequent, and frothy fermenting stools ; very generally by more or less diarrhoea ; and also by a marked tendency to relapse.
Page 365 - Headache, and doubtless also the other nervous manifestations — vertigo, pruritis, etc. — arc likewise of an essentially uraemic character. I would advise particularly never to omit the examination of the urine in headache, even if it is of a purely intermittent character or unilateral. We shall thus avoid subsequent self-reproaches...
Page 319 - ... mentioned stasis in the bowel, ingestion of decomposing nitrogenous food, improper digestion of food in the stomach and upper intestine by diminution or absence of hydrochloric acid and bile, the result of excessive or faulty bacterial fermentation in the lower portion of the small intestine and the upper portion of the large intestine. This process may exist without an actual toxemia, and an actual toxemia may exist without this particular putrefactive process; but they are usually associated-...
Page 60 - There is no doubt more than one causative factor is at work to cause the symptom complex, which for want of a better name we call angina pectoris. Von Leube1 states that "the origin of these attacks is probably to be attributed to the sudden anemia of the myocardium predisposed by arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries, and the thereby impeded blood supply to the myocardium. ***** But it is conceivable that a similar, although less dangerous final result may also be produced by vascular spasm...
Page 15 - Sometimes the murmur is heard loudest at the punctum maximum of the pulmonary artery, exceptionally in this area exclusively. This is easily explainable if the natural position of the ostium venosum sinistrum is thought of (from the sternal end of the third right, to the lateral end of the cartilage of the second left, rib ; the middle of the orifice, therefore, in the second intercostal space to the left of the sternum), and it is also considered that the murmur must be heard best in the direction...
Page 501 - Spasm of the obliquus oipitis inferior (posterior branch of the I. cervical nerve). The muscle arising from the spinous process of the axis and inserted into the transverse process of the atlas rotates the atlas, besides the head, around the alveolar process of the axis, in a horizontal direction, so that the face is turned towards the opposite side; with this, however, the chin is neither raised nor the mastoid process drairn ilmrnirard.
Page 193 - Hypercemia of the liver must never be diagnosticated unless a cause for its origin can be positively demonstrated. Attention is to be paid, therefore, whether circulatory obstructions are present which give rise to stasis in the region of the inferior vena cava. Here are to be considered affections of the heart and lungs, marantic conditions with deficient activity of the heart, very rarely compression of the inferior vena cava above the entrance of the hepatic veins by aneurysms, mediastinal tumours,...
Page 7 - ... great pressure in the ventricle is more marked at the onset of the systole than under normal circumstances. This prevents the closure of the semilunar valves during the so-called closure period and also the formation of the systolic sound, and thus a systolic murmur results upon the entrance of the blood into the large vessels, in the region of

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