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ISBN 0965004302 - If you're looking for a book that parallels the TV series, this is - and isn't - it. The stories inside are probably much more watchable than they are readable, and the feeling the back cover gives (that "this could happen to you!") is mostly inane.
Several short stories about found treasures that range from an old manuscript to treasures on long-ago sunken ships. The unique-ness factor wears very thin when the reader sees how many of these "treasure-hunters" ARE treasure hunters: salvage is their job, their source of income, so it is no surprise that they find such things. Many even have ties to one another, removing the randomness by another step.
There are a couple of "regular folk" stories and they're good, they're just not good enough to make the book anything more than average. More info on most of the stories within the book can be found online - free.
- AnnaLovesBooks

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