A Geometric Analysis of the Platonic Solids and Other Semi-Regular Polyhedra

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Loving Healing Press, Jan 1, 2007 - Mathematics - 153 pages
Getting Inside the Mind of Nature: Discover the simple but powerful mathematics of the underlying geometric figures that shape our world

Can geometry be exciting?

It can for those who can appreciate the beauty of numbers and their relationships.

This book contains a meticulous geometric investigation of the 5 Platonic Solids and 5 other important polyhedra, as well as reference charts for each solid.

Poly (many) hedron (face) means "many faces." Polyhedra are 3 dimensional figures with 4 or more faces, or sides. These polyhedra are reflections of Nature herself, and a study of them provides insight into the way the world is structured. Nature is not only beautiful, but highly intelligent. As you explore the polyhedra in this book, this will become apparent over and over again.

The book contains a geometric explanation of the Phi Ratio and Fibonacci series, and a detailed analysis of the pentagon, which forms the basis for many of these solids. The pentagon is composed entirely of Phi relationships, and is integral to a proper understanding of sacred geometry.

With over 140 full-color illustrations, this book is perfect for teachers and students of geometry alike. It is a must for those who are serious about sacred geometry.

This book is dedicated to those who can appreciate the logic of numbers and the beauty of nature, for they are both aspects of the same unifying principle.

Prerequisites: knowledge of simple algebra and elementary trigonometry. No brainiac math skills required! Only the ability to appreciate nature's own logic.

Book #1 in the Geometric Explorations Series

From Loving Healing Press (www.LovingHealing.com)


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“A Geometric Analysis of the Platonic Solids and Other Semi-Regular Polyhedra” by Kenneth J.M. MacLean is quite the mouthful of a title to read. The title will entice those who love numbers but will ... Read full review

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